Push Notifications

4 Ideas to Maximize A Vital Communication Tool

So, you probably already know that push notifications are a powerful and immediate way to engage your audience, almost like sending a text. But have you been making the most of this vital tool?

This video will show you four ways that you can use push notifications like a pro. Here's what our App Specialist, Daniel, is going to cover:

  • Event Announcements
  • Inspiration
  • Content Promotion
  • Urgent Announcements

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Maximize Push Notifications

Increasing efficiency, promoting campaigns, and making great content incredibly accessible are only a few of the benefits of using push notifications. Your audience has dozens, even hundreds of distractions demanding their attention each day. There is a barrage of media and messaging to constantly compete with, which is why the immediacy, accessibility, and brevity of push notifications makes them one of the best tools for reaching your audience. 

Just like with any mobile tool, coming up with a strategy, no matter how simple, will help you maximize this important feature in your app. We've come up with a few ideas on how to do just that!

Don't forget about the inbox

Even though push notifications are short and simple, your users might want want to review it at a later time, which is why the push notification inbox is very important so that no one misses your message.

To get the most out of this storage feature, occasionally draw your community's attention to it so that they are reminded to check it and see what they might've missed!

Send your message at the perfect moment

To reach your audience at exactly the right moment all you have to do is schedule a push notification ahead of time. Are you planning a worship night and need to remind your community the night before? No problem, just select a date and time and schedule your notification in advance so that your congregation can get a friendly reminder.

Scheduled push notifications allow you to be as efficient as possible by scheduling content when it will be most useful to your audience. If you're wanting to send an encouraging quote or bible verse during lunch time when your community is most likely to see it, scheduling ahead of time is a breeze.


3. Make great content a click away

Push notifications with attachments makes promoting great content easier than ever. Whether you need to send a sign-up form straight to your community, or just want to share a great article out, try this helpful feature to increase engagement in your app!

4. Target a specific audience

You might have specific communication needs for specific groups, with Group Push Notifications you can eliminate any barriers to sending relevant content to the right group of people. 

Creating a group is simple and targeted. If you need to let your worship team know that practice has been rescheduled, group notifications are your simple solution: just create a group with your worship team members and send your message without inconveniencing the rest of your community with a notification that's not relevant to them.

If you have any questions about signing up for an app or how to use push notifications, get in touch with us! We're happy to help.

Reformed Theological Seminary Engages Students

Creating an app with Subsplash has allowed RTS to deliver their professor’s lectures to online students, house all of their chapel messages, and share audio content from lecturers all over the country. After exhausting several different ideas, Jason Garvey, the Instructional Designer at Reformed Theological Seminary, was excited to find the optimal solution for delivering content to their online students.

The Subsplash Platform stood out to Jason because of its multi-faceted ability to meet their organization’s needs. Not only were they excited to have all of their media hosted in one place, they could easily stream lectures and add blog content in the Subsplash Dashboard that could be instantly accessed by anyone, on any device! With over 75,000 downloads and 3.5 million impressions, the app continues to be widely adopted by the Reformed Theological Seminary community. 

Besides benefiting from the high-quality media experience, the team at RTS loves to take advantage of push notifications, especially when they’ve needed to send out school-wide urgent alerts. 

At first the team behind the RTS app had a "if we build it they will come" mentality, but after a while they realized the classroom was the perfect platform for students to be redirected to the app, and professors realized that pointing their students towards their own content was a great way to reinforce the learning process. Some professors have even promoted the app by putting app info on the bulletin boards in their classrooms.

"We've been able to deliver entire courses to online students. It's critical to us functioning in online education."

Students in the classroom benefit greatly from the app, but for remote students, the value is unprecedented. Having professor's lectures at their disposal, almost immediately after it is given, is a luxury that sets many remote students up for success.

Reformed Theological Seminary has leveraged mobile technology to enhance their online student's education experience, giving other educators and teaching institutions a great example of how to fuel their mission with a customized mobile app!

Download the app here!

Increase Engagement For Easter with Your App!

Easter services are the most highly attended weekends for churches, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to share the Gospel and good news of the risen Christ by leveraging your app to engage with first time guests as well as committed members?

Here are some ideas to increase engagement with your community this Easter Sunday...

1.  Send a group push notification to Easter volunteers

Group push notifications are the perfect tool to get in touch with your Easter Sunday volunteers. If you need to send out instructions, new information, or specific prayer requests about Easter weekend, this is the best way to do it!

No more wrangling everyone up for last minute meetings or trying to reach everyone by email in the hope that it will somehow get to your volunteers in time. Just create your push notification group and send up-to-the second updates straight to their phone.

2. Share last year's Easter Sunday sermon

You might have last year's Easter Sunday sermon sitting in your archives somewhere. To get your community ready and excited for Easter weekend, you could share last year's sermon in a linked push notification, on your blog, or social media.

3. Share baptism sign up forms in a linked push notification

Make it as easy as possible for people in your community to get baptized by sending out a push notification with a link to a sign up form. Sending sign up forms ahead of time will help you get in front of all of the Easter Sunday busyness!

4. Share baptism testimonies on your blog

You've probably witnessed some amazing stories of life transformation at past Easter services in your church. Why not encourage your community and get them excited to celebrate Easter by sharing those stories on your blog? 

5. Tell your community to share the app with friends

With so many visitors making their way to church on Easter Sunday, it is a great evangelistic opportunity. To help get visitors warmed up to the idea of attending your church this weekend, send out a push notification to your community reminding them that they can share your entire app with their friends.

When members of your congregation share your church's app, it will give visitors an idea of what they can expect when they visit your church for Easter.

Happy Easter from all of us at Subsplash!

Merry Christmas! A Year-End Update from Subsplash

It has been an exciting year here at Subsplash! Here are some of the highlights...

Total number of live apps in stores:

  • 2,600+ iOS apps
  • 2,400+ Android apps
  • 1,400+ Amazon apps
  • 1,300 Windows Phone apps

Platform and Feature Updates:

And last but not least... support for Apple TV!

We also worked with more than 3,000 clients, welcomed dozens of new team members, and threw some great parties! We are blessed to work alongside so many great clients to share the good news of Jesus. We can't wait to see what's in store for 2016!

We decided to end 2015 with a bang by throwing a Christmas party to rival all company Christmas parties. Here's a little glimpse of the fun we had...

Nerds. Takes one to know one.

Nerds. Takes one to know one.

Nothing brings a smile to your face like Christmas... and a night away from the kids.

Nothing brings a smile to your face like Christmas... and a night away from the kids.

You can never have too many props!

You can never have too many props!

She married him for his mustache.

She married him for his mustache.

Subsplash ladies (minus 1). Keeping the office beautiful since 2009.

Subsplash ladies (minus 1). Keeping the office beautiful since 2009.

This  ISN'T  how the Finance Team actually manages money.

This ISN'T how the Finance Team actually manages money.

Just an average day for the Sales Team

Just an average day for the Sales Team

When dinosaurs crash Christmas parties...

When dinosaurs crash Christmas parties...

Support team ladies. More than just pretty faces.

Support team ladies. More than just pretty faces.

A few team leads. Always leading the charge to more delight!

A few team leads. Always leading the charge to more delight!

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year! From our weird team to yours. :)


Merry Christmas and happy New Year! From our weird team to yours. :)