Authentic communication starts here—Introducing Subsplash Messaging!

We know how hard it can be to get your entire community on board with the same solution. With so many people using so many different tools, facilitating effortless and meaningful communication can be a challenge for your community. That’s why we created one central place for communicating with your audience, and it’s right inside the app they’re already using. 

Introducing Subsplash Messaging, one central location to build more authentic community, streamline communication, and better equip your church leaders. 

Subsplash Messaging engages your audience in a way they already understand and in the app they’re already using, all for the purpose of creating more meaningful connections within your community.


It’s more than just messages

Whether you need a place to share a private prayer request, coordinate a meal or rally your community group, simply create a new message and send it directly to your channel. Members within the channel will be able to see everything in one place and together create real, relational experiences as a community.

002_Messages_1 copy.png

Engagement without limitations

We know that communication happens in so many different ways, and we believe there shouldn’t be a limit on engagement within your community. With Subsplash Messaging, users can create dedicated channels for small groups, service teams, or other discussions. It’s easy to invite people and get them started right away, and users can create a new channel or message at any time—no limits whatsoever.


Beautifully Simple

Getting your community on board with better communication should be simple, and that’s why we’ve made Subsplash Messaging beautifully simple to get started. Leaders can easily send invitations by email or text, reaching new members where they‘re at. It takes just two steps to get your community plugged in and ready to start connecting! 

One of the hardest things to do as a church plant is to keep people connected. Subsplash Messaging, to me, is a complete and total game-changer.
— Jevon Washington, Lead Pastor at Flourish Church

Total in-app engagement

You shouldn’t have to worry about managing multiple tools and utilizing dozens of software solutions. Keep your audience in one place with all your content at their fingertips. Subsplash Messaging integrates right into your app and allows your community to stay connected, while keeping your content at the forefront of their engagement. 

We tried another app to boost communication, and it didn’t work. But, having it as part of our Subsplash app, and then getting people used to opening it up and using everything all in one place, is really incredible.”
— Jeffry LeBlanc, Community Pastor at Evergreen Church
Other communication tools are just another app for someone to download. My dream for communication is one place for everyone to go to. If you solve this, I’d be your customer forever.
— Bert Alcorn, Lead Pastor at Anthem Ventura

Get started with building more authentic community

It’s time to give your community the gift of effortless communication that builds connections and supports them along the discipleship journey. 

Ready to learn how your organization can create more meaningful connections with Subsplash Messaging? Let’s chat! Want to learn more about Subsplash Messaging? Check it out!

Subsplash Messages is available for all Subsplash clients on our latest app packages. To get started with Subsplash Messaging, contact your Client Success Manager or sign up today!

Client Spotlight: Northstar Church

“Northstar began in 1997 with the hope and dream of being a church for people who didn’t know they wanted to go to church yet.” —Mike Linch, Senior Pastor 

In 2016, nineteen years after they first opened their doors, Northstar Church set out to transform their finances and launched an ambitious campaign to pay off $6.8 million of debt. Just two years later, they reduced their debt to $0, and they’re now putting those resources back into the community by giving away $30,000 per month toward kingdom impact. 

Northstar is located just 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, Georgia between the two cities of Acworth and Kennesaw. The church is situated between the two towns, and has congregants in both with an average weekly attendance of 2,500.

In 2012, Lead Pastor Mike Linch gathered together 30 members and leaders within the church community and asked them to choose from three options to help grow and advance the church: pay off debt, take out additional loans, or stay where the church was at. All 30 members voted to pay off debt, and from that moment the “Bold” campaign was born. 

“We looked at debt and said, you know what, we can keep living with it. We were servicing it out of our budget—at $46,000 a month—but we just asked, what could we do with that money if our debt was paid? So we called the campaign “Bold,” and the goal was to attack that debt. To let people not just know that we want to get rid of debt, but what could we do when the debt was gone.” —Mike Linch

To reach their goal, they knew they would need to make some changes. One of the first steps to move towards paying off the debt was to find a fully integrated giving solution that supported their congregation toward greater generosity. They chose Subsplash for its fully functioning integration and ease of use. 

“The greatest benefit of Subsplash Giving is the ease of integration to a platform that we were already using and had seen be successful. Plus, the integration into our custom Subsplash app allowed our congregants to have it in their hand, which was probably the biggest reason it has been so successful.” —Jeremy Thompson, Art Director

Since switching to Subsplash Giving, Northstar has seen an increase in consistent tithing, continuing even after the initial debt campaign was complete. After paying off every dollar of  debt, “Bold” became “BeBold”, which focused on taking those resources and pouring them back into their community. Now, they give away $30,000 every month to charities, businesses, and individuals in their area.

“It’s been so fun watching BeBold because the generosity of our church has gone through the roof! When their gift puts a smile on someone’s face it takes giving to another level.” —Mike Linch

We loved visiting our friends at Northstar Church and hearing their story. To find out more about Northstar Church, you can download their app or visit their website. To learn more about how your church can experience these same results, contact us today at 206-965-8090 or let’s chat!

We’re celebrating 14 years!

Subsplash was founded on August 2, 2005 and today marks our 14th anniversary! It’s been an incredible journey over the last decade-plus, as we’ve grown to serve over 10,000 organizations and delight millions of end users around the world on the Subsplash Platform. We’re passionate about our vision to Equip Every Church with best-in-class technology to Fuel their Mission™, expand their reach, and make the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible. 

Want to learn more about Subsplash’s history over the last 14 years? Check out this video and the timeline below! 



The Subsplash Story

2005 - Subsplash was founded by Tim and Kristy Turner and began as a design and software consulting company creating enterprise software for world-class brands like XBOX, Microsoft, Samsung, Expedia, and Cisco. 

2008 - Began developing apps for iPhone before the App Store was created. 

2009 - Created the first-ever church app. Subsplash’s iPhone app received significant attention in the press and was downloaded over 10,000 times in the first week. Launching even before Netflix or Hulu developed iPhone apps, it featured a massive collection of video and audio streaming.

2010 - Launched and created the first Android church app, and also launched for iPad.

2011 - Developed the Luminance app, which was nominated as Apple’s App of the Week with over 2 million downloads.

2015 - Developed the very first church apps for Apple TV which were live on day-1 of the Apple TV App Store launch. 

2016 - Launched Subsplash Giving and GrowCurve™.

2017 - Announced The Church App, an app helping churches and ministries expand their reach and be more discoverable than ever before.

2018 - Introduced SnapPages, GeoEngage™, and Roku TV Apps

2018 - Opened second office in Wenatchee, WA.

2018 - Awarded Washington’s Top 100 Best Places to Work by the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ).

2019 - Awarded Washington’s Top 100 Best Places to Work by the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) for the second consecutive year.

2019 - Awarded Seattle Business Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Today we’re serving over 10,000 churches, ministries, and businesses around the world with a team of over 100 smart, fun, laser-focused people. We can’t wait for the years to come and the impact we’ll continue to make.

The Subsplash 2019 Keynote is here!

A lot of incredible things have been happening at Subsplash! We’ve released websites with SnapPages™, rolled out targeted Push Notifications with GeoEngage™,  taken Subsplash Giving to the next level, and so much more.

We can’t wait to share with you all the products and features we’ve rolled out over the last year, in addition to the heart behind our mission. We’re excited about continuing to take digital engagement to the next level and supporting your ministry as you make the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible, make more and better disciples, and build community.

In our 2019 Keynote, you’ll hear from a handful of our team members as they share what we've been up to in the last 12 months. We have lots of exciting news, including highlights from 2018, first-hand accounts from our clients, and an inside perspective from our founder and CEO, Tim Turner.

With new and innovative tools to support your ministry just around the corner, our team can’t wait to share everything that will be coming in 2019 to the Subsplash Platform. If you’re currently using the Subsplash Platform to maximize engagement and want to know more about what’s coming in 2019, reach out to your Client Success Manager. If you’re not yet utilizing the Subsplash Platform and want to learn more, one of our ministry-minded experts would love to talk with you. Let’s chat!

Be inspired! Mobile content we loved in 2018

Behind the scenes at Subsplash, our team gets a front row seat to incredible content made by our clients for their apps, websites, podcasts, giving campaigns, and more. Countless hours, pixels, and bytes—all of them created to impact communities around the world.

Your content inspires us, encourages us, gets us through traffic, takes us deep into God’s word, and gives us joy as we serve the Church with great technology. We love seeing the content you create, and how you use the tools on the Subsplash Platform to engage your audience.

Looking back on 2018, here are just a handful of apps that we love—and you will too!



“I’m constantly encouraged by the sermons I listen to on the Bethel app. They publish an enormous volume of media with incredible variety, and I love hearing from so many teachers and pastors!” —Gretchen, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Learn more about Media


Fresh Life

“I love that Fresh Life updates their app regularly so that it always looks current and keeps returning users engaged. They know the impact their Subsplash app has in their church community and in the lives of people that use them, so they’re continually working to leverage our platform well.” —Josh, Client Success Manager

Learn more about Apps



“I always refer to NorthStar when another ministry is looking for inspiration. Their app is designed so well, with a timeless look that’s also easy to use. That’s a tough line to walk but they do it with excellence.” —Manny, Client Success Manager


Christ the King

“My hometown church, Christ the King has a great app that allows me to stay in touch even after moving away. I really enjoy that they upload their weekly sermons, because it allows me to listen to teachings from Pastor Grant during my commute.” —Brian, Sales Manager


The Summit Church

“I’ve loved learning about The Summit Church’s heart to plant churches across the globe. It’s inspiring to see how they’re getting people connected locally and encouraging growth as disciples of Jesus. Their app also includes some original worship music, which I personally enjoy!” —Tayla, Client Success Manager



“At first I was drawn into this app by its beautiful design: the graphics, color palette, and typography. It’s so visually appealing and engaging. I also enjoy the music and live performance videos. The entire app is truly an audio-video feast!” —Chuwei, Front-End Engineer

Learn more about Custom App Layouts


Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)

“FOCUS hosts conferences every year with phenomenal speakers, and they upload all of the talks to their app. Whether the topic is theology, scripture, or faith in modern culture, I’ll often listen while working or running errands. They also have a robust set of Bible studies and discipleship resources!” —Clare, Accountant


Anthem Ventura

“I love the app for Anthem Ventura because it strikes a great balance between encouraging members of their church and reaching out to people beyond its four walls. There are opportunities for newcomers to learn more, as well as for members to engage with easy access to classes, events, and service teams. Plus the graphics throughout the app are stellar!” —Madi, Ministry Consultant

Download a few of these apps today to get inspiring content and some new ideas for your own mobile strategy. If you want to learn more about custom apps and The Ultimate Engagement Platform™, let’s chat!