Keep Your Christmas Visitors Coming Back

Don’t look now, but Christmas Eve is in less than two weeks! If you are a pastor or church leader, your schedule is probably filled with staff meetings surrounding this momentous weekend. And for good reason, too! Not only is Christmas the day we celebrate Jesus coming into the world to save us from sin and death, but the Christmas weekend is also one of the highest-attended church services around the world each year. These visitors who come through your doors do not merely represent a number or statistic, but an opportunity to spread the gospel throughout your community. We know that you’ve probably spent many days planning out how to best engage with your Christmas visitors, so we won’t try to unravel those plans. But we do want to give just a few tips on how you can use the Subsplash Platform to capitalize on this opportunity to engage with your local community this Christmas season:

Announce your app from the stage.

There is a very high likelihood that each person who comes through your doors next weekend owns a smartphone or tablet (according to Pew Research, 77% of American adults own a smartphone). So why not share with them one of the easiest ways to stay connected to your church? Even a quick 30-second plug will do wonders for post-Christmas engagement. Now every person who is sitting in the audience knows where to go to find all of your church’s content, and they can even do it right there from their seat! Additionally, you can create an “I’m New” push notification group and encourage visitors to opt into that group to receive more information about your church. We’ll touch on that again shortly.

Go digital.

Going to church on Christmas Eve may be overwhelming for some who are first-time visitors. You probably have a strategy in place to connect with new folks, but let’s face it….your staff and greeting team can’t meet every new person who comes through your doors, especially if you have a larger ministry. The unfortunate reality is that even with a robust plan in place, some people who enjoyed your service or would like more information about your church may slip through the cracks. This is where technology can help fill that void. By adding your connect card, a welcome message, and any other relevant signup forms or information to your app, you can make it easy for everyone to get connected, even after church is over. Your printed bulletin and connect card may end up in the trash, but your digital connect card will be in everyone’s pocket at all times. There will probably be people who forget to stop by your connect desk, throw your Sunday bulletin away, or feel compelled to get in touch after stewing on the message for a few days. Since you’ve announced the app from the stage, they now have it on their phone, and since you have your connect card and welcome materials in the app, they can easily get in touch with your church.

Use push notifications.

Remember how you announced your app from the stage and encouraged visitors to join the new push notification group during the service? Now it’s time to follow up! Send out a push notification to the “I’m New” group thanking them for attending and offering any follow up information that you think would be helpful. This could include your connect card, a welcome video, information about how to get in touch with a pastor, or even just an encouraging passage of scripture. Unlike most emails, push notifications get extremely high open rates, and this will add a nice personal touch to your follow up process. On top of that, push notifications have a much lower barrier to entry when it comes to connecting with people. Not everyone is going to be immediately comfortable with providing their personal information (email, home address, phone, etc) to you - especially if they are a first-timer, and no personal information is required to receive a push notification. If you’d like some visuals that show users how to subscribe to push notification groups, we’ve got a video for you here.

Download The Church App.

With so many people traveling to visit friends and families over the holidays, chances are that some of your visitors may not be staying in your town for long. Good news: helping them find a church in their hometown doesn’t have to be hard! In fact, it can happen in a matter of seconds, right on their phone. The new search tools available in The Church App allow any user to quickly find a church based on name or location, and engage with that church’s content in a matter of seconds. Check out The Church App today to see for yourself!


Want some more tips and ideas? Check out this webinar from our Client Success team! They’ve compiled a list of creative ways to boost engagement before, during, and after your Christmas Eve services. We are praying that God would use all of your hard work and preparation to draw people to himself, and we can’t wait to hear stories of all the amazing things he does through your ministry! Merry Christmas to all!


5 Ways to Make Giving on the Web Easy

Are you using the Giving Embeds that we released with Subsplash Web Tools yet? If not, you should be! Sure, we’re a little bit biased, but this new feature was requested by many of our clients, and was built to better serve your church by experts with decades of experience in creating donation software. So what’s the big deal about these Giving Embeds?

First, let’s start off with some explanation of what they are. With the new Subsplash Giving Embeds, you can embed the entire Subsplash Giving experience right into your website. No new tabs or windows that take users away from your website, and zero coding knowledge is necessary. Here are five ways that our new Giving Embeds can make generosity easier for you and your community alike:

It’s easy for your community.

People give when it’s easy to give. By removing barriers in online donations, you are opening the door to allow more people in your congregation to participate in worship through generosity. The Subsplash Giving experience allows users to donate in just six seconds, and that entire experience can live right inside your website.

It’s easy for you.

A slick giving experience is awesome, but who wants to spend a bunch of time worrying about writing new code and revamping your website just so that experience looks good? Certainly not you. We get it. That’s why we decided to take care of all that work for you. We provide you with an embed code, and all you have to do is copy and paste it into your website. It’s that easy!

It’s customizable.

Want to dedicate a whole page of your website to online giving? Or would you rather just have a banner on a few pages with the same experience? We provide you with many different options to fit all types of dimensions and screen sizes. No matter how you want your giving experience to be presented, we’ve got you covered!

It’s streamlined.

The same giving experience that now lives on your website can live inside your app as well. Subsplash Giving offer the exact same design and functionality for both your app and website, which helps build trust within your community. No matter what device they elect to use, they get the same experience they've come to expect. 

It’s free!

Does your ministry already use the Subsplash Platform? Good news: Subsplash Giving and our new Giving Embeds are free! And if you don’t already use the Subsplash Platform, it's still free! These options are included with each of our packages at no monthly charge. Head over to the Dashboard to check out the new Giving Embeds, and feel free to contact us with any questions....our support team is standing by to help you out! You can reach them at 206-965-8200 or

If you're already signed up for Subsplash Giving, copy the giving embed link in your Subsplash dashboard and paste the code into the CMS of your website on the giving page, and any other page where you want giving to appear. Voila! Start collecting online donations immediately.

The Webinar Before Christmas

Can you believe that the Advent season is already upon us?! If you are a pastor or church leader, chances are you've spent many days and hours planning and strategizing on how to best reach your community in these coming weeks. And rightfully so, as Christmas Eve tends to be one of the most-attended services for many churches. These next few weeks present an opportunity to share the good news of the coming Messiah, reach more people in your local community, and help them get connected to your church.

So how does your app fit into all of this? Our Client Success team wanted to share a few tips and tricks on how you can use the Subsplash Platform to maximize engagement this Advent season. These tips are not meant to undermine the hard work you've already put into your communication strategy. Rather, they are meant to come alongside your hard work and share how your app, web tools, and giving can complement your plan. Take ten minutes to check out our new webinar, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your Client Success Manager today!

Introducing The Church App

Here at Subsplash, our mission is simple: glorify God and proclaim Jesus as Lord by building innovative software for you - the church. That's been our mission since day one, and it will continue to be the same going forward. We've been dreaming about a more unified mobile experience to better serve the global church. And that experience has arrived. Check out this video and keep reading below to learn more about The Church App:

What is The Church App?

The Church App is one universal app that is built to help churches engage their community while being part of the global church. You'll have your own custom branded app inside The Church App with all the exact same features that are currently available on the Subsplash Platform. This app will increase discoverability, as we have added robust search tools that make it easier for your community to connect with your church. Users will be able to set a "home" church, as well as "favorite" other ministries they engage with, keeping all the content they interact with under one umbrella. The Church App also comes fully loaded with Subsplash Web Tools and Subsplash Giving, which makes it easier for you to streamline your app and website. 


Who benefits from The Church App?

  • Your church. Have you ever tried searching the App Store for something like "First Baptist Church"? As you can imagine, there are quite a few First Baptist Churches out there, and a search like this will yield hundreds of results. This can deter users from downloading your app, and as more churches have continued to go mobile, the App Store has become more cluttered. The Church App makes your church more discoverable, as users can easily search for a church by name or by location. These search tools can also help you reach more of your local community, as anyone who has The Church App can find churches located close to them. Additionally, we provide you with a unique text to download link, which takes users right to your church's app inside The Church App Store searching required! And of course, your church benefits from all the features you've come to love and expect from the Subsplash Platform, allowing for deeper engagement with your community.  
  • Your congregation. With almost 5,000 churches utilizing the Subsplash Platform, including over 50 of the 100 largest churches in the United States, chances are that many people in your congregation have more than one Subsplash app on their phone. With The Church App, all of the content your community wants to engage with lives in one central place. In addition to your church's content, maybe someone in your community wants to listen to a sermon by Matt Chandler, Greg Laurie, or Tim Keller on their commute to work. Or maybe they would like to donate to another ministry they enjoy supporting. Or maybe one of their friends has shared a sermon or event with them from that person's church back home. Now all of these things can happen in one app. This will keep users coming back, as their home church's content, their giving account, sermon notes, and content from other ministries they enjoy will be easily available without forcing them to download multiple apps.


When is The Church App available?

Right now! You can download The Church App for iOS and Android here.


What's Next?

For the last eight years, we've been building out our platform to better serve you. And we're not going to stop! As you can imagine, we've been pretty busy, but this is just the beginning. We are focused on taking this app to the next level, offering you deeper engagement options than ever before. We are so excited, and we hope you'll join us for the ride! If you have questions about The Church App, or if you would like to add your church, you can contact us at 206-965-8090 or

Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day is almost upon us! We hope you all are able to rest and spend some time surrounded by family, friends, football, and of course...amazing food. As we reflect back on this year so far, it is clear that we have so much to be thankful for. We'd probably be here for hours if we told you everything we're thankful for this year, so we'll narrow it down to a few big ones...that way, you can get back to relaxing with your family! Here are just a few highlights:

We may have mentioned this before, but our team is made up of some pretty amazing people. And in 2017 (so far....which reminds us, we're hiring!), we've added 19 more amazing people to the Subsplash Family! Our team continues to grow, both in number and in expertise, as we've been able to add more features and more robust software to the Subsplash Platform than ever before. That wouldn't be possible without the hard work and dedication of our team. Here are just a few of said amazing people who make coming into the office fun and make it possible to serve our clients so well:

And of course, we are thankful for YOU - our amazing clients! Without you, it would not be possible for us to do what we do, and we are so blessed to be able to partner with you in making Jesus' name know throughout the world. Our number one goal here at Subsplash is to make the truth of Jesus as accessible as possible. That's been our mission since the beginning, and it will continue to be so each day going forward. We are thankful for a) the fact that we get to partner with you in sharing the gospel, and b) for all the hard work each of you are doing to proclaim the name of Jesus and to make disciples. We never get tired of hearing stories from churches we serve about people in your communities coming to know Jesus and finding ultimate joy and satisfaction in him. Recently, we even heard a story from one of our clients about a man in Europe who was going through a hard season of life, randomly came across that church's app, and gave his life to Christ after listening to some sermons. He even flew all the way to the US just to meet the church staff and say thank awesome is that?!

We are so grateful for God's continued provision to allow us to do what we do. Over the next few days, we'll be taking some time away from the office to relax and be with our families. We can't wait to finish out 2017 strong....we have some pretty cool things to share with you when we return next week. But until then, we must rest. Happy Thanksgiving to all!