5 Ways to Maximize Engagement After Easter

Easter Sunday brings people to church in numbers that exceed any other day of the year, and there’s no better reason to celebrate than the resurrection of Jesus! Perhaps your church had record-breaking attendance or saw dozens of people meet Christ for the very first time. That’s amazing! But now that Easter is over, how do you maximize the engagement that you experienced last Sunday?

The answer: push notifications!

With so many opportunities to stay connected in a digital age, push notifications are one of the best ways to reach your community instantly. With push notifications, you don’t have to wait until next weekend to engage your audience. In fact, with one click you can send an invitation to weekend services, an event reminder, or your connect card straight to their mobile devices.

Let’s get started! Here are five ways to maximize engagement after Easter.

1. Share the Easter Message

Sending a push notification with the weekend message is a great way to engage your community with meaningful content. You can share an audio or video file via push notifications and give those who attended church an opportunity to revisit the message. It’s also possible that people were traveling over the weekend and may have missed the sermon entirely — not anymore! 

Try something like this: “Missed last weekend’s Easter message or want to listen again? Find it here!”

Pro tip: When building push notifications that include links or large amounts of text (such as scriptures, connect cards, event details, bulletins, etc.), add these elements to the “More Information” section of your new notification. In doing so, you can still serve up robust content without exceeding the notification text limit of 110 characters.

2. Remind Them to Give an Easter Gift

You may have seen a handful of first-time visitors on Easter Sunday, which resulted in more visits to your website or new downloads of your app. These users may not know that they can easily give within seconds via your app or on your website. Now is the perfect time to introduce this feature to them by sending a push notification. 

Here’s an example: “If you didn’t have a chance to give on Easter, you can give in our app. It takes less than 10 seconds!”

3. Send a Reminder About Service Times

It’s not uncommon for churches to deviate from their standard weekend service times on Easter to accommodate an influx of attendance. Push notifications are a great way to remind those within your community that it’s back to business as usual or help first-time guests know your regular services times and locations. 

Send an invitation like this: “We can’t wait to see you this weekend! Join us for our services at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.!”

Pro tip: Add your location details or any other additional information to the “More Information” section when building your new notification.

4. Stay Connected with First-time Visitors

With Easter being one of the primary events of the year for churches to see an increase in first-time guests, push notifications can help facilitate engagement with not only your current community but also with those who may have attended your church for the first time. Sending a simple reminder such as, “We hope you are having a blessed week, and we look forward to seeing you this weekend,” could be the extra touch those first-timers need to jump in and start engaging with your church.

5. Ongoing Encouragement

Push notifications are a great way to foster engagement all week long. Simply send words of encouragement, uplifting scripture references, or excerpts from the weekend message to make a quick connection with your community during the week. The good news doesn’t have to end on the weekend! 

You might simply say, “Be encouraged this week! Jesus loves you!”

These are just a few ideas for how you can use push notifications to maximize engagement after Easter. Our team would love to help you get the most out of tool. If you would like to have one of our Client Success Managers walk you through strategies for your ministry, give us a call at 206-965-8090 or send an email to hello@subsplash.com.