Increase Engagement For Easter with Your App!

Easter services are the most highly attended weekends for churches, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to share the Gospel and good news of the risen Christ by leveraging your app to engage with first time guests as well as committed members?

Here are some ideas to increase engagement with your community this Easter Sunday...

1.  Send a group push notification to Easter volunteers

Group push notifications are the perfect tool to get in touch with your Easter Sunday volunteers. If you need to send out instructions, new information, or specific prayer requests about Easter weekend, this is the best way to do it!

No more wrangling everyone up for last minute meetings or trying to reach everyone by email in the hope that it will somehow get to your volunteers in time. Just create your push notification group and send up-to-the second updates straight to their phone.

2. Share last year's Easter Sunday sermon

You might have last year's Easter Sunday sermon sitting in your archives somewhere. To get your community ready and excited for Easter weekend, you could share last year's sermon in a linked push notification, on your blog, or social media.

3. Share baptism sign up forms in a linked push notification

Make it as easy as possible for people in your community to get baptized by sending out a push notification with a link to a sign up form. Sending sign up forms ahead of time will help you get in front of all of the Easter Sunday busyness!

4. Share baptism testimonies on your blog

You've probably witnessed some amazing stories of life transformation at past Easter services in your church. Why not encourage your community and get them excited to celebrate Easter by sharing those stories on your blog? 

5. Tell your community to share the app with friends

With so many visitors making their way to church on Easter Sunday, it is a great evangelistic opportunity. To help get visitors warmed up to the idea of attending your church this weekend, send out a push notification to your community reminding them that they can share your entire app with their friends.

When members of your congregation share your church's app, it will give visitors an idea of what they can expect when they visit your church for Easter.

Happy Easter from all of us at Subsplash!

Easter, Rick Warren, The Jonas Brothers, Angel Stadium…all Live on the iPhone

How did you celebrate Christ’s resurrection this year? Easter Sunday is always a great time to share about Jesus with family members and friends who might not usually hear about God’s unfailing grace. This year, Saddleback Church hosted their service at Angel Stadium and the Jonas Brothers sang the worship! The awesome opportunity to hear Rick Warren and worship with the Jonas Brothers was a huge hit and tickets were sold out weeks in advance. However, this year the Saddleback Church iPhone app made watching this event live more easily accessible through live streaming to iPhones and iPods across the globe.

Churches like Saddleback aren’t the only types of churches who can benefit from this technology. The Church App has been used by traditional ministries like John MacArthur’s Grace to You and more local community churches like The Church of South Las Vegas and Watermark Community Church. iPhone technology can help maximize the impact of any church or ministry that desires to share the Truth of Jesus to a mobile audience.

Here are some screenshots taken from the Saddleback iPhone app during Easter services at Angel Stadium.