Tips for an Effective Content Strategy (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series we looked at how important content and consistency are in capturing your audience within your app. After you start getting great content in your app, there are some other important considerations to keep your audience engaged.

Here are a few:

4. Always Test

The hardest part about creating a content strategy that works for your community is the fact that there is no perfect model or template that works seamlessly across all organizations and audiences. Each church and ministry is unique in terms of what their needs are and what their community will respond favorably to. That's why it's important to track the responsiveness of your audience to your content. 

If one piece of content doesn't receive much engagement, maybe it's time to try something different! Testing different things in your app is the best way to determine what your community wants to see. If you've tried writing blog posts about a particular topic and don't see much traction, maybe it's time to write about something different, or try your hand at a video or a podcast.

It's also possible that you aren't posting your content at the right moment when your audience is most likely to see it. Testing the receptiveness of your content might look like posting at a certain day and time every week for a month and then switching it up if you don't get much feedback.

5. Always Refine

It's best to see your app as an ever-evolving project. Continually refining the visuals, content, and features offered is a good way to keep your community hooked. The more you create, test, and refine the content in your app, the better you will become at providing great resources for your community.

For more great tips about creating and maintaining a high quality app, check out our Church App Essentials series!

Let's chat about developing a content strategy for your organization's app! 

Ways To Encourage Your Pastor To Go Mobile

Whether you're just an attendee or a staff member, it can be challenging to push for new ideas and initiatives at your church when time and resources are limited. And let's face it, change is scary!

While churches are increasingly embracing technology and influential church leaders are inviting pastors to consider how they can utilize technology to reach their congregation, it can still take some convincing for church leaders to get on board with the switch from more traditional methods, to adopting newer ones. 

To help you out, we've put together a list of a few tips on how to convince your pastor that it's time to go mobile!

Show them the facts

With 2.2 million mobile device users globally, developing a mobile app strategy is the most effective way to reach people with the good news of the Gospel. Not only that, but mobile users spend nearly 3 hours every day on their smartphones, and a staggering 89% of time spent by users on mobile is in an app

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.51.53 PM.png

These numbers speak loud and clear: if you want to reach people, the best way to do it is on their mobile devices. With all of the great content your church creates, developing a mobile strategy will get your sermons, music, and blog posts in the hands of more people.

Share the benefits

We like to talk about five main benefits of creating a customized mobile app:

  • Deeper engagement from your community with content that is easy to add in the Subsplash Dashboard
  • Enhanced presence by having your app available in every app store, and on all devices
  • Saved time and resources by providing a quick, secure mobile giving solution with Subsplash Giving
  • Simplify your process by housing all of your content in the Subsplash Dashboard, and tracking your analytics in one place
  • Showcase your brand by presenting your media in a beautifully designed app and unparalleled mobile experience.

We have some other tips for you that will involve your active participation in setting up an app for your church or ministry. Stay tuned for part two of this series!