Are You Maximizing the Potential of Your App?

Being a ministry leader is not for the faint of heart. There are always people to meet with, services to plan, visitors to follow up with, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s likely that when you first got your church’s app set up, you included the most basic functionalities for it to serve its purpose, but as new features came out and updates to existing features rolled out, you might not have had time to explore the new functionalities and how they could benefit your church.

It’s easy to settle into routine and the “maintenance” phase for any project or initiative, but sometimes it takes some refining and re-imagining to be top-of-mind for your audience once again.

With the recent updates to the Subsplash Platform, you can get your content in front of your audience and make an impact on them in new and creative ways.

We are going to take a look at a few Subsplash app features in the coming weeks to help you start thinking about some ways you might be able to provide an even better experience for your audience. First, let’s cover some features you might use on a Sunday morning. Next, we’ll talk about some ways you can connect with your audience throughout the week.

1. Notes


By adding a note taking form to your app, attendees can follow along with your sermon each week. Your users have the option to send themselves their notes in an email to reference later on.

2. Maps

Providing visitors with the information they need to attend a service is convenient as can be when you include a map in your app. It’s easy to tie in map integrations into your app, which will help you feel confident that your audience has everything they need to make their way to your church each week.

3. Multi-Campus


Syncing multiple calendars with your app makes it effortless to include information for multiple campuses. The capabilities of the Subsplash Platform provides churches with an all-in-one media solution for multisite churches. With these capabilities, larger churches can accommodate the complexity that comes along with managing multiple resources in multiple locations.

4. Bulletins

In order to give your audience the resources they need every week, you can easily tie your app into your existing Church Management Software. Going paperless and giving your congregation the option to stay up-to-date with each week’s services is a great opportunity to encourage your community to engage every week. Having all of the information attendees need in one place is a great way to enhance your community’s experience in your app, and you can save on costs that you’d otherwise put towards weekly bulletins.


What are some of the ways you’ve refreshed your app lately? Let us know about it in the comments below!