See Your Message Go Further

We know that church members, and society at large, are trying to navigate a fast-paced culture and highly-connected society. For many churches and ministries, staying relevant and reaching their community where they are at requires them to deliver content and connect with church-goers in a quick and holistic way.

We had a chance to chat with Steven Records at James River Church about how they are reaching people with the message of the Gospel through their app, and it was exciting to learn about the unique ways their church is connecting with their congregation.

TCA: What goals are you aiming to accomplish with your app?

JRC: James River Church is using the app to get people connected to the church by being an agent of growth for our Life Groups and a tool for leaders to access discussion questions for their group.

Through the app, we wanted to reach more people than ever through our sermon content. With the messages feature and push notifications, we are able to get the message out there further and faster than ever.

TCA: How has your app added value to James River Church?

JRC: This app has helped James River Church expand the reach of our online messages. The Church App has also given the congregation access to other resources, such as weekly sermon notes and Life Group discussion questions.

The app improves our ability to communicate with our church by having a platform that allows information to be shared rapidly.

TCA: What results have you seen through the app? (Downloads, increased engagement, etc.)

JRC: We have had tens of thousands download the app, and we have seen nearly half a million impressions this year through the church app.

TCA: Any other comments on the app, Subsplash Platform, and how you’re using it to engage your audience?

JRC: The push notification feature the Church App provides has been one of our favorite features on the app. It allows us to quickly communicate with our users about the messages we post every week and can be useful for important updates about schedule changes or upcoming events. The Church App is making it easier than ever to grow our audience and to communicate with our church directly on the devices they use every day.


We love hearing how God is using The Church App to reach people for the Gospel. Download the James River Church App and let us know how we can help you get started on an app for your church!