Engage your Community this Fall

When church attendance declines during the summer months because of heavy travel, churches implement different strategies to keep their congregations connected. Having a strategy in place can help keep communities engaged and connected to the life of the church.

Something that is equally, if not more important, is having a plan in place for when attendance starts to rise again in the fall. As new people come through your church doors, and members return, there are new opportunities to help people feel connected and engaged right away.

“Going mobile” with your communication strategy can add numerous benefits to your church, and creating a mobile app can help you can engage your community in new ways. As attendance rises and people want more information about your church, here are some features you could include in your app to help people feel connected before they even set foot in the sanctuary:

1. Include an “Information” or “About Us” tab to help people learn about you before they even attend a service


2. Help your congregation track along with the week’s events with a “Weekly Bulletin” feature



3. Let people familiarize themselves with your church’s team by including a “Staff Directory” feature


4. Make sure newcomers can quickly and easily get to your church with a “Maps” feature


These are just a few of the many customization options with the Subsplash Platform. Upload all of your media that your members may have missed over the summer. Include a blog so that you can communicate with your community regularly even if they have missed a couple of services.

With technology changing the cultural landscape, meeting your community where they're at involves providing them with the digital resources needed for your church to stay relevant and engage audiences where they are spending most of their time.

Are you wanting to take your church’s communication strategy to the next level? Get in touch with us! We’d love to chat about your needs and how you can engage more people this fall.