Be inspired! Mobile content we loved in 2018

Behind the scenes at Subsplash, our team gets a front row seat to incredible content made by our clients for their apps, websites, podcasts, giving campaigns, and more. Countless hours, pixels, and bytes—all of them created to impact communities around the world.

Your content inspires us, encourages us, gets us through traffic, takes us deep into God’s word, and gives us joy as we serve the Church with great technology. We love seeing the content you create, and how you use the tools on the Subsplash Platform to engage your audience.

Looking back on 2018, here are just a handful of apps that we love—and you will too!



“I’m constantly encouraged by the sermons I listen to on the Bethel app. They publish an enormous volume of media with incredible variety, and I love hearing from so many teachers and pastors!” —Gretchen, Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Fresh Life

“I love that Fresh Life updates their app regularly so that it always looks current and keeps returning users engaged. They know the impact their Subsplash app has in their church community and in the lives of people that use them, so they’re continually working to leverage our platform well.” —Josh, Client Success Manager

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“I always refer to NorthStar when another ministry is looking for inspiration. Their app is designed so well, with a timeless look that’s also easy to use. That’s a tough line to walk but they do it with excellence.” —Manny, Client Success Manager


Christ the King

“My hometown church, Christ the King has a great app that allows me to stay in touch even after moving away. I really enjoy that they upload their weekly sermons, because it allows me to listen to teachings from Pastor Grant during my commute.” —Brian, Sales Manager


The Summit Church

“I’ve loved learning about The Summit Church’s heart to plant churches across the globe. It’s inspiring to see how they’re getting people connected locally and encouraging growth as disciples of Jesus. Their app also includes some original worship music, which I personally enjoy!” —Tayla, Client Success Manager



“At first I was drawn into this app by its beautiful design: the graphics, color palette, and typography. It’s so visually appealing and engaging. I also enjoy the music and live performance videos. The entire app is truly an audio-video feast!” —Chuwei, Front-End Engineer

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Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)

“FOCUS hosts conferences every year with phenomenal speakers, and they upload all of the talks to their app. Whether the topic is theology, scripture, or faith in modern culture, I’ll often listen while working or running errands. They also have a robust set of Bible studies and discipleship resources!” —Clare, Accountant


Anthem Ventura

“I love the app for Anthem Ventura because it strikes a great balance between encouraging members of their church and reaching out to people beyond its four walls. There are opportunities for newcomers to learn more, as well as for members to engage with easy access to classes, events, and service teams. Plus the graphics throughout the app are stellar!” —Madi, Ministry Consultant

Download a few of these apps today to get inspiring content and some new ideas for your own mobile strategy. If you want to learn more about custom apps and The Ultimate Engagement Platform™, let’s chat!

That’s a wrap! Looking back on 2018

As we tie a bow on 2018 and head into the new year, we’re reflecting on all the incredible things these past 12 months have brought.

And what a full year it's been! From opening a new office in Wenatchee, WA to launching dozens of new products and features on the Subsplash Platform, we've been hard at work to serve the 9,000+ churches, ministries, and businesses we have the honor of partnering with.

Not to mention we nearly doubled our team in size, welcomed 11 Subsplash babies into the world, won the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Best Workplaces Award, and our team consumed 625 pounds of coffee!

Here are few more highlights from 2018:



Oh, snap! In 2018 websites joined the Subsplash Platform! We are so excited and encouraged by the increased engagement that has been made possible through SnapPages. Since we launched SnapPages a few months ago, we have seen hundreds of churches and businesses maximize the power of the Subsplash Platform by building their website on SnapPages, and we can’t wait to see the continued engagement this brings into the new year!


Roku TV Apps

By adding Roku TV Apps to the Subsplash Platform, meeting your community where they are at as has never been easier than it’s been in 2018. We’ve loved hearing about how Subsplash TV Apps have made week long engagement possible for your communities! Since we launched Roku TV Apps this year reaching people with gospel-centered content all week long, in their homes, is now possible.



GeoEngage creates the ability to send location-based push notifications as well as complement person-to-person interactions that help connect your community right where they are. We are on a mission to help bridge the divide between digital and real-life communication, and are making this possible through world-class technology like GeoEngage.


That’s not all!

We couldn’t stop there! We’re continually striving towards creating products that real people can use. In 2018 we also released new Custom App Layouts, Media Search (for apps and web), new ChMS integrations with Planning Center Giving and Rock RMS, App Promo and Events Web Integrations, improvements to Subsplash Giving, Fill in Notes, and so much more!

Stay Humble. Work Hard. Make Waves.

Our team worked hard in 2018 to fulfill our company mission and release incredible new enhancements to the Subsplash Platform, plus we've had a blast doing it! Over the last year our team each took on average 100  of hours of paid vacation (work hard, play hard), we opened a new office located in Wenatchee, WA, and all new team members (and there were a lot of them) participated in our annual “challenge course” day, which consisted of team-building activities designed to develop the way we communicate, plan, and implement new ideas at our offices. In addition, we were able to promote 43% of our employees to reach more goals within their career path. As we strived to delight our employees and clients, we were awarded the Puget Sound Business Journal Best Workplaces Award, and made multiple appearances on the GeekWire 200 list. 2018 was a year full of working hard, staying humble, and innovating to make even more waves. We couldn't have asked for a better team or year!


That’s a wrap!

As we ring in the new year and reflect on the delight that was delivered to millions of people around the world, we have so much to be thankful for! All of this and more was possible because of you, our clients, and the work your ministry does to make the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible. We are honored to work alongside you, and we love hearing how Subsplash is helping you reach more people and increase engagement within your community. We can’t wait to share what 2019 holds, and we wish you the happiest of New Year!

Client Spotlight: Evergreen Church

Situated in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Evergreen Church serves about 2,200 people in the Seattle suburb of Bothell. Over the last handful of years, the surrounding neighborhood has grown exponentially, as companies like Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon have planted roots nearby. This has turned Bothell into a multicultural community, with people from around the world moving to the area for tech jobs.

Evergreen seeks to be a welcoming outpost for the gospel in their ever-growing neighborhood. The words “Welcome Home” are written out in 70 different languages on their front doors, and they have created a deep culture of hospitality within the church. Check out some of the photos below to get a glimpse of what Sundays are like at Evergreen:

Evergreen Church launched their Subsplash app in 2014, and have since added Fill in Notes and web integrations to their communication arsenal. We recently visited Evergreen learn more about their experience with the Subsplash Platform, and to hear about how God is using their ministry right here in our backyard. Evergreen has seen an extraordinary boost in community engagement through their app. We sat down with Communications Director Jeffrey LeBlanc and Lead Pastor Phil McCallum to hear more about their experience in transitioning their media library from Vimeo to Subsplash, boosting engagement with the app, and utilizing Subsplash’s media integrations. Here’s what they had to say:

Increased media engagement isn’t the only win Evergreen has seen through the Subsplash Platform. They’ve also used the app to increase engagement during church on Sundays, particularly through Fill in Notes. With Fill in Notes, Evergreen is empowering more people to engage with the sermon by taking notes on their phones. Unlike paper bulletins, these notes automatically save across all devices, and congregants can easily share notes with friends. Since implementing Subsplash’s Fill in Notes, Evergreen has been able to print less paper and save money. Check out the video at the top of the page to learn more about their experience.

We loved getting time to meet our friends at Evergreen and hear their story. To find out more about Evergreen Church, you can download their app or visit their website. And to learn more about how your church can experience these same results, contact us today at 206-965-8090.

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SnapPages™ is here! Welcome websites to the Subsplash Platform

We’re taking digital engagement and the Subsplash Platform to the next level with websites. Introducing SnapPages™ by Subsplash—the simple, powerful, and fully integrated website builder.


Your website plays a key part in your communication strategy, working alongside your apps and other engagement tools to effectively reach and disciple your community.

It’s the starting point for engagement that brings people to a place where they’re ready to download your app, view your media, attend your events, and take the next step in the discipleship journey. It often begins with a simple Google search, and that’s why an effective website is essential for connecting people to your mission.

Custom Church Templates

Whether you want to build a website from scratch or choose one of our templates, we’ve got you covered! Made for the needs of your ministry, SnapPages comes with built-in custom church templates, and dozens of individual page templates. From pre-written text, to stock photos, and custom forms, building a website has never been easier. We’ve been working really hard so you don’t have to, and so that you can save your time for what matters most.


Custom Integrations

SnapPages revolutionizes the way you build websites, and works seamlessly with the rest of the Subsplash Platform through custom integrations that give you the ability to manage your content in a snap! Simply drag and drop your latest media item, media library, events, or Subsplash Giving right into your website, and we’ll take care of the rest. With SnapPages as a part of the Subsplash Platform, you can manage all of your content from within the Subsplash Dashboard and watch it populate on your custom mobile app, TV app, and website, with no extra work. It’s the easy and elegant way to manage all of your assets and engage your community from one place.

Simple Drag-and-Drop Editor

With our powerful drag-and-drop editor, SnapPages is so easy to use that anyone can build a beautiful website in no time at all. It only takes a few clicks to assemble a page, move sections, or add new blocks, for complete control and ultimate customization. Because SnapPages was built from the ground up with the user in mind, websites are effortless to create and look stunning on any device.

See it in Action

Want to see SnapPages in action? Check out this video!

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Discovery starts here, with your website. Build a beautiful website with SnapPages today!

Ready to learn how your organization can drive more meaningful engagement with SnapPages? Let’s chat! Want to learn more about SnapPages? Check it out!

SnapPages is available for all Subsplash clients on our latest app and web packages. To get started with SnapPages, contact your Client Success Manager.

See What Others are Saying

We think SnapPages is pretty awesome, but don’t take our word for it. See what real people are saying about the latest innovation from Subsplash.

SnapPages is on par with the standard of excellence that Subsplash has set and maintained for years with their mobile app platform. Not only is it great to be able to work with Subsplash as the sole provider for our app, giving, and now website but it’s great to have each of them look and feel as great as anyone would want them to.
— Heart of the City
Absolutely floored by the functionality and design.
— Calvary Chapel Chattanooga
It’s clean and easy to use. I’m very happy with how it connected to our app(s). We want to make our digital outreach as useful and easy for our community as possible, and SnapPages will do that.
— Cottonwood Creek Church
I love it. Simple, clean, easy to navigate—everything a good website builder should be.
— TFI (Together for Israel)

How to do Push Notifications right with GeoEngage™

We’re excited to announce the release of GeoEngage, our new location-based targeting feature for push notifications. If you didn’t catch our recent blog post all about this exciting new update, you can find it here. Otherwise, we’re ready to help you learn how to get the most out of your push notifications—and maximize engagement by sending relevant and meaningful messages.


If you own a smartphone, you’ve probably been the recipient of an ill-timed or irrelevant push notification. To keep your church app and notifications relevant, and your users engaged, here are some important push notification do’s and don’ts:

How not to do push notifications

Don’t send long messages.

Push notifications should be brief and punchy. Messages that perform the best are under 25 words and stay to-the-point without extra, irrelevant information.

Don’t send too many push notifications.

Overusing push notifications will result in audience fatigue. Users will disengage with your app because they’re frustrated by excessive notifications and could opt out of further notifications or delete your app entirely.

Don’t offer too much information in the notification.

The point of a notification is not to be as thorough and in-depth as possible. Push notifications help you notify users about important information and keep them engaged with your ministry and your app. If you need to provide more information or instruction than you can fit in 25 words, link to other forms of media like videos or articles in your push notification.

Don’t send late night or dinner time notifications.

If your notifications interrupt your users at inconvenient times, they’ll lose interest in your messages. Through the Subsplash Dashboard, you can schedule notifications to go out at times when they won’t interrupt family time or wake anyone up.

Don’t send messages your users won’t care about.

Keep your messages relevant for your audience. Send notifications only to those who need to receive them, and use GeoEngage to send messages that are relevant at a certain place. For instance, you can put a geofence around an event location so you can update users about a schedule change as they arrive. App users who aren’t attending the event, however, don’t need that information and GeoEngage makes it possible to keep irrelevant messages from those individuals.


How to do push notifications right

Use GeoEngage to send messages to users at a specific place.

GeoEngage allows you to send messages to users at a specific place. When you send location-relevant notifications, your messages can get 4X more increased engagement.

Send regular push notifications.

Push notifications can increase engagement with your app by almost 90%, but only if you send them regularly. Try sending push notifications at least one time per week to keep your app in front of your church community. Automation comes in handy here. In the Subsplash Dashboard, you can easily automate important messages that your community needs to receive on a regular basis.

Use action-centered language.

Push notifications with strong verbs and action-centered language get more opens and engagement than those without. For instance, starting your message with the words “Get your…” can double or triple your open rates!

Offer high-value and helpful messages.

Use different kinds of media, like images, audio, and video to increase engagement with your posts. These types of notifications are known as rich push notifications and can increase engagement with your messages by 30%.

Send targeted messages based on a user’s category.

Within the Subsplash Dashboard you can segment your community into groups so you can send even more relevant messages. For instance, you can create groups for college ministry, children’s ministry, young married couples, women, men, parents of toddlers, and more. Then you can send targeted messages to people in these groups instead of notifications to all your users. This means only parents with children in the nursery will get important updates about small children, while only college students will get messages about your upcoming campus outreach. These types of targeted messages improve response rates by four to seven times.

Encourage users to opt-in to push notifications.

Users who opt-in to receive push notifications are retained two times more than users who don’t, so it’s in your best interest to encourage opt-ins. Ask users to opt-in when they download your app.

book mockup GeoEngage_small.png

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