Web Embeds

"What's an embed?" you might ask. An embed is a snippet of code you can paste into your website to show...well, anything really! Audio and video files, giving plug-ins, you name it. The best part is that when you add new content to the Dashboard (such as your latest sermon), your embed will automatically update, no maintenance required.

 Media Library Embed

The Media Library Embed allows you to add your entire media archive to your website with just a few clicks. Your users can easily browse, search for a particular sermon, and seamlessly switch between audio and video.

Most Recent Sermon Embed

Want to feature your most recent sermon on your site? No problem! As soon as you upload your latest sermon to the Dashboard, it will instantly be displayed on your website. And guess what? That sermon just showed up in your app, too! Say goodbye to weekly app and website updates.

Giving Embed

The Giving Embed not only makes giving easy for your donors, but also for you to set up in the first place. Simply copy and paste the embed code into your website and your donors will be able to give instantly.


Web App

Designed for church plants and small teams, the Web App is a simple website that showcases your media and giving on the web, simply by uploading your sermon content to the Dashboard.


Web App Features


Upload your own photo or video banners, add your brand color, and connect your social media accounts for a beautiful web presence that is unique to your organization.


Whenever you add a new sermon to the Dashboard, your Web App will update automatically — no maintenance required.


Have you ever finished watching a video only to be shown a bunch of other “related” videos? With the Web App, the only content users will ever see is your own.

Create your Web Player today.