The single solution for church engagement

Engaging your church community through a centralized, easy-to-manage system is crucial for growing churches. That's why we built The Church App — to give you a single place to connect with your community.



Make your content incredibly accessible and reach more people than ever before with a mobile app.

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Increase generosity and keep more of your donations with our revolutionary giving system.

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Web Tools

Plug your media into your website in just a few clicks with our simple and powerful sermon delivery tools.

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Expand your reach

Enable your ministry to reach more people with the Gospel. The Church App platform makes your content accessible where your audience is already present: on mobile apps, TV apps, podcasts, and more.


Streamline your workflow

Save time and resources by utilizing one comprehensive system for your media, events, giving, and communications. Upload your most recent sermon to the Dashboard and watch it instantly show up in your app, website, and TV app with one click.

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Connect your systems

Having systems that work together seamlessly is key for a productive workflow. With Simple Sync, you can export your giving data to almost every church management and bookkeeping system. Additionally, you can build your own integration to suit the unique needs of your organization.


The Church App difference

The Church App is privately owned by Christians and our award-winning team is comprised of worship leaders, pastor’s kids, and board members of local churches. Our support team is on-site and extensively trained, so you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality care.

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The platform that gives you results


More Users

Expect to see at least 3 times as many people using your app as attending church on Sunday.


More Sermon Plays

Watch your sermon plays double with The Church App platform.


More Donations

Churches using Subsplash Giving regularly see a 10% (or more) increase in monthly giving.


Join the 4,000 churches already growing their ministry with The Church App

Churches and ministries of all sizes trust The Church App, including 50 of the top 100 churches in America.