5 Benefits of Going Mobile with The Church App: Increasing Reach and Viewership (Part 2 of 5)


This is part 2 in a series that highlights the added value of doing an iPhone/Android/iPad app for your church or ministry. Here's a quick review of the most measurable and attainable benefits of using The Church App: serving your current audience and community by making your content incredibly accessible, increasing reach and viewership, reducing costs, increasing donations, and most importantly helping people meet and grow with Jesus. Below* are real examples of these benefits from ministries that have experienced them. 2: Increasing Reach and Viewership

Expanding your audience is ideal for any church. Serving your current members is incredibly important, but so is bringing in new believers to experience the truth of Jesus. Since mobile applications make content readily accessible, it is an incredibly effective way to expand this reach. When we created The Church App in 2009 to serve Mars Hill Church, we had no idea how powerful of a tool it would become. Not only has Mars Hill grown significantly since 2009 to a church with roughly 15,000 members, but their app has been downloaded several hundred thousand times. That’s 20x (2000% more) the amount of people attending Mars Hill Church on any given Sunday, and that’s just one example. Hundreds of other amazing churches have greatly increased their reach and audience by utilizing The Church App. In fact, millions of people are currently using apps on a regular basis via The Church App Platform.

"I wanted to just send a quick message and say THANK YOU for your help in getting our app going. You and your team have always been a real joy to work with! The app is now on almost 4,000 devices (more than our average Sunday attendance!) and has been used almost 28,000 times! We have seen the number of weekly listeners to our digital content more than double since the release of the app helping us reach more people with the message of Life in Christ!"

-Adam Legg, ChangePoint Alaska

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