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5 Benefits of Going Mobile with The Church App: Reducing Costs (Part 3 of 5)


This is part 3 in a series that highlights the added value of doing an iPhone/Android/iPad app for your church or ministry.

3: Reducing Costs

Budgets are always difficult to deal with. Any opportunity for a church to cut expenses is a valuable one. Printing costs can be huge for churches, whether by printing out hundreds of bulletins, or the waste of brochures that may go unused. Being able to refer your congregation to your mobile application is not only a money saver, but much more convenient - and they can take it with them! ChangePoint church in Alaska has been able to experience this first hand. “The app has allowed us to communicate with the ChangePoint family in a way that has been cost effective and far more engaging than traditional printed communication. Since the launch of the app we have seen the number of people that listen to our messages online double while at the same time we were able to reduce our communications budget significantly and direct much of those saved resources to outreach.”

We're so encouraged to see ways that The Church App is able to make a real difference in the core components that make up a church. We want to help enable churches to be good stewards of their budgets and it's been truly encouraging for us to see ways in which technology (when done right) can add value to the Kingdom.

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