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Stories from The Church: Remnant Church

We love working with churches and ministries of all sizes to help share the Gospel here at Subsplash. That being said, younger churches and church-plants hold a special place in our hearts. We wanted to take some time to share how one young and growing church has been utilizing The Church App. I had the opportunity to chat with Sean from Remnant Church about the impact his church has seen since adding a mobile app with The Church App.

Remnant Church is located in Richmond, Virginia, and has a congregation of 300-350 members. They have had some incredible growth in the last few years for being a relatively young church, and are about to hit their 4 year mark in November. When they signed up with The Church App two years ago, their congregation was at about 150. Not only have they doubled in size, but they've seen 1,400 downloads of their app!

Q:What was the purpose or focus of creating the app?

A: "For us, creating the app was really a tool to help people get connected with the church. The app was a great way to reach the digital age, because a lot of our efforts utilize technology."

Q: What has been the greatest use of the app?

A: "Sermons in the app. Streaming through the app has been a lot better for our people. Apps are more user friendly and direct than podcasts. A lot of people use the app and the reach is beyond our church. We've seen a lot of people that come in from other churches and visit through the app. It has really helped us extend our reach. "

Q:Have there been any extra benefits?

A: "We have really been utilizing online forms in the app. Along with several other features (Maps, Blogs, Sermons) we have seen a lot of interaction. Since we enabled giving through our app (6 months ago) we have also seen a significant increase."

Q:What has been the commitment for maintaining the app?

A: "I am not a tech savvy guy, and it has been really easy for me to keep the app up to date, which says a lot. Response time with your support team has always been great and hassle-free."

Q: Any closing remarks?

A: "Working with you has been great. You are very personable, and it's evident that you're real people. I really love the layout of the app, I even prefer it to the website!"

 Download the Remnant Church app here.