Updates for iOS 7


Ready to hit the refresh button on your iPhone and iPad apps? So are we!

In step with iOS 7’s simple and clutter-free interface, we’ve adopted a softer visual display that creates a smoother experience for the user.  Our apps now feature refreshed designs, an updated navigation bar, and newly designed buttons and lists.

What really captures me about this update is the relaxing and unobtrusive design. With a softer look, refined typography, and smooth navigation between tabs, the user is in for a beautiful and dynamic experience.

Keep an eye out for your update, it will be here soon!

iPhone 5


Apple had a pretty big day last week. In standard Apple fashion, their mystery (not so much) press conference captivated the eyes and ears of millions of people - something they’ve become quite good at. From tech industry execs, to die hard Apple groupies, to Mrs. Peterson’s entire 8th grade classroom, to even your Grandmother, there weren’t many that didn’t know about the release of the new iPhone 5.

Although most were fairly certain that a new iPhone would be the jewel of this San Francisco conference, there was some speculation as to what it would actually be called. These doubts were put to rest, however, when Apple’s official acknowledgment of their announcement was a simple “September 12th” casting a shadow of the number 5. And just like their smooth hint at what was to come, the conference was pretty smooth itself. The conference kicked off with CEO Tim Cook announcing the brand new (Gaudi inspired) Apple store in Barcelona, Spain. Apple’s reach and influence is becoming more and more international as they are entering their 13th country to have an Apple store (Sweden) and the Apple store encountered over 83 millions visitors just from April-June of this year.

Next on the list was some facts and stats regarding Mountain Lion (fastest selling OSX of all time), MacBooks (#1 in market share), and of course - the iPad. In the words of Tim Cook, “The iPad is driving the post PC revolution”. There were 17 million iPads sold in just the time span of April-June 2012. In fact, there were 84 million iPads sold in the world through June! The iPad has a 68% market share in all tablets - talk about domination.

Now what everyone’s been waiting for: the iPhone 5 took the stage. While a slew of new features and improvements were announced, it is easy to say that this is the best iPhone yet. What is hard to qualify however, although improved, is if the next generations of iPhones to come will have the same innovative and brilliant leaps and bounds that occurred when Jobs was still around. We’ll let you decide!

Here are some of the best (and most significant in our opinion) features of the iPhone 5 that were announced last week:

  • Dual color back (made entirely of glass/aluminum)
  • 4" screen (5th fow of icons on home screen, natural 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Apps don't stretch or scale (slight letter boxing)
  • Thinnest phone ever (7.6mm)
  • Lightest phone ever
  • LTE (HSDPA+ DC-HSDPA support)
  • Single chip (A6) (single radio, dynamic antenna, 2x faster CPU and graphics)
  • Retina display (326ppi, 44% more color saturation, 1136x640 pixels)
  • Ultrafast wireless technology
  • Even better battery life
  • Lightning adapter (say goodbye to all of your old accessories... or purchase a $30 adapter)
  • New camera (8 megapixel sensor, 3264x2448 backside illuminated, 5 element lens, f/2.4 aperture, 25% smaller, faster photo capture)
  • Panorama photos (28 megapixel images)
  • 1080P HD video (video stabilization, 10-face detection)
  • Facetime over cellular networks
  • 3 microphones built in (better voice recognition, improved speaker design, reduces noise in area)
  • Uses iOS6 (new vector maps, turn by turn directions, notification center, iCloud tabs, passbook, share photo streams, Siri improvement)

Apple ended the press conference with announcements about iTunes (redesigned), next generation iPod devices, and of course... The Foo Fighters. If Dave Grohl doesn't make you want to buy an iPhone, I don't know what would!

iPhone 5: You'll never be picked last in gym class again!


If you couldn’t tell from my slightly skewed voice on all issues Apple (unintentionally), I am an avid iPhone user. I have nothing against Android in any way, what it comes down to is that iPhone is all I’ve ever known. I can FaceTime, I had Instagram before it was cool, and of course - I’m part of the elite iOS club. I think everyone in this club can agree that we’re all waiting on the edge of our seats for a glimpse at the next iPhone - presumably iPhone 5? I have read a slew of rumors from a titanium case, to a USB port, to telepathic qualities (okay not really), to a 4 inch super screen.

So what feature would you appreciate most in the new iPhone? What’s your stance on the screen debacle? Do you think it’s just fine, or could you readily support a bigger screen? Steve Jobs will most likely be rolling over in his grave, as he decided that the current 3.5” screen was the perfect and only acceptable size for the iPhone. He even went as far as to say that some Androids look like skateboards - the guy was not only a genius but quite the joker.

Another prominent rumor is that the black gloss body will be no longer. Instead it is rumored that a titanium-type case will take its place - similar to the bodies of most Apple laptops being produced currently. This would be an incredible new option as it would make the iPhone itself sturdier and less vulnerable to drops and tumbles (which I’ve never done by the way).

The dock connector may finally be out. Although the improvement may make more sense, for the sake of convenience it is going to be a hard adopter. There are countless devices and chargers that currently use the dock connector, and if you own one of these you are going to be straight outta luck.

A welcomed addition would be an improvement in Siri. At this point, Siri is hardly a valuable feature on the iPhone. Something that could certainly improve the experience of using Siri is being able to use Siri within applications. Applications are becoming the preferred experience with mobile users and Siri is not currently able to access content from within them.

When it comes down to it, Apple knows what they’re doing. Any improvements at all will be welcomed with open arms and 24-hour groupies camping outside the Apple store. C'mon, we’re ready for a new iPhone!

Which Glasses are You Wearing? (Android or iOS)

Over the last few years, the defining question has always been: Android or iPhone? As the years have gone by, and Android has pumped out some serious competitors, this question has become harder and harder to answer. I will try to address not only what makes someone identify with one brand over another, but also what each platform has to offer in terms of user experience.

Are you a hipster? Are you a techie? Are you both? There are different personas that align themselves with different brand categories. So what qualifies someone as an Android or iOS fan? There are several defining factors that make someone loyal to one platform as opposed to another. Apple and iOS really don’t need a lot of advertising. Their products speak for themselves and make brand loyalty almost effortless. Their UX is truly the best of its kind and makes navigating fairly easy - even for new adopters. Besides the bright and shiny hardware that can almost be considered a fashion accessory, the UX on iOS devices is what drags most users in. In fact, it was actually designed to be everything a user could want. For most people, this is true, but it is also the reason iOS devices are not customizable - because what more could you want? (Turns out some people do want more - cue Android applause). iOS devices are also the most spectacular way to view and use applications. From its extensive Apple App Store, to the seamless integration on all of its devices, apps are used to the best of their ability (and most beautifully) on iOS. So what kind of person prefers iOS? It’s fairly hard to classify because Apple especially has a very wide range of users. Design-centric individuals are easily some of the most tried and true iOS fans. Let’s just say if you wear thick framed glasses and own a flannel, there’s a good chance you’re an iPhone guy.

Android has a huge product offering. They range from brilliant to (unfortunately) pretty pathetic. These phones are huge for those that are firm believers in Google services. For you Google+, Gmail, and GoogleMaps lovers, the Android is incredibly valuable. Android is also much more customizable than iOS. You can bend and tweak it to fit your personal needs in a mobile device. Android could be considered the better choice for those wanting an all-in-one tool. If you’re phone doubles as a GPS, PC, camera, organizer - you may be an Android person. It’s also a common gripe that Android is more difficult to navigate than iOS, especially for first time smartphone users. All of these qualities make it hard to qualify exactly what an avid Android user is like, because of the vast differences in their products. Android not only produces the most expensive smartphones on the market, but also the most inexpensive. This factor spans users from those who require little technical abilities in a device to those who rely heavily on their computing power. The technical side of this spectrum is where you will find your most devoted Android fans. If you've ever seriously considered building your own robot, you're probably an Android guy.

Which one would you identify yourself with?

Overview of the iPhone App for Harvest: Greg Laurie


For more than 35 years, Harvest and Pastor Greg Laurie have been committed to "Knowing God and making Him known" through relevant communication.  It has always been their goal to accomplish this by showing how God’s Word and faith in Him are applicable and relevant to everyday life. Now the incredible tools of this ministry are accessible anytime in the palm of your hand with the new Harvest iPhone App..

When you download this app you will have access to the latest audio and video content from Greg Laurie which include his popular A New Beginning radio broadcasts. You will also have instant access to daily devotions, answers to frequently asked questions on faith, social network connections, and tools to help you effectively share your faith with others. The Evangelism Tools section has quickly become one of the most popular features of the app. Once you learn and grow from the content within the app, you can share it with your friends, family, and church via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

It is always exciting for us here at the Church App to announce another church iPhone App like this! Check it out and stay tuned for more great Church iPhone Apps to come!