Understanding more of the Father's love

Here at Subsplash, we are all about sharing what we've been learning from God and how we can expand his Kingdom. For me, I've been learning more and more about God's love having been a dad for a little over a year now. When I first became a father, people kept asking me the big question; “How has this changed your life?”. Often times the question would come with a joke about sleep or maybe asking me if I better understood the love of God as a father. At first, I didn’t quite know how to answer the question. There is so much amazing emotion wrapped up in meeting your child for the first time. It’s just different than anything else on earth and I had nothing to compare it to.

As I began to reflect over the first few days and weeks of parenthood, this new reality began to reveal new truths about love, family, and God. How could this little person change everything and open new depths of my heart and soul? I’ve now been a father for about one year and it just keeps getting better. I would do anything for this little guy and I’m wired to protect him, serve him, comfort him, and give him my best each day. After being a dad for a while I thought to myself, what if I  laid out all the things I do as a parent, but removed the fact that it was for my son? I mean, what if you just made a list of all the things we do as parents and gave the details of  who we do it for, but remove the fact that it is for our child? What would that look like? Every day I have to take care of a miniature person who doesn’t speak my language, eats my food, relies on me to change his diapers several times a day, takes up my wife’s precious time and my monetary resources, can’t move and thus relies on me to carry him and then when he can move he goes where I do not want him to go, and who spits up on me at random times. If someone told me that some guy who fit that description was going to live with me, I would not have been too pumped. However, since it is my son, I don’t mind one bit and love him fully, despite the seemingly troubling additions to my life. How cool is that? A child brings so much incredible joy to your life and love just pours out toward them.

All this got me thinking, is this just a fraction of the love that God feels toward us? I believe that God loves each one of us more than I love my son, which is a whole lot. Now, if God loves us to such an incredible level and in turn wants us to not only love him but to love others, what would it look like if we started treating one another with a portion of the love we show to our children? Can you imagine the impact that would have? If I saw my son on the side of the street I would stop to help no matter what, but how often am I willing to stop and help others in need? Maybe it’s a reflection of my own selfishness, but I want and need to strive to love more. After all, there’s clearly a better way and it involves loving others as I would love myself, or in this case, love my son. And through it all I must remember that first God loved me and he gave his only son as a sacrifice that I may live! Now that is incredible. So yes, being a father has changed my life and I’m now even more thankful for the love shown to me by the God of the Universe.

Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk

Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 10.27.49 AM
Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 10.27.49 AM

If you’ve been searching for a mobile app with Christian insight for family and daily living, look no further - Dr. James Dobson’s Family talk has an app! Dr. Dobson's ministry is built around helping families engage with one another and our culture through biblical principles. Now, they have made that content more readily available than ever...

More than 30 years ago, Dr. James C. Dobson set out to support and secure Christian values for families in today's world.  What began with a radio program on a few stations in 1977 grew into a global broadcast phenomenon that was heard on thousands of stations in North America and more than 160 countries worldwide.

Continuing to hear God's call to ministry, National Radio Hall of Fame inductee, Dr. James Dobson now surges forward and continues his threefold passion of strengthening families, speaking into the culture and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The centerpiece of the Family Talk ministry is the 30-minute radio broadcast, Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson strategically designed to reach the younger generation with a Judeo-Christian worldview of the family.

Launched in May of 2010 and aired on nearly 700 radio outlets, Family Talk also features Dr. Dobson's son, Ryan, an ordained minister, bestselling author and host of his own show Grounded with Ryan Dobson. Executive Producer LuAnne Crane joins the Dobsons on the air and brings her extensive training, perspective, and a unique touch to the Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson show.

Now, anywhere you roam you can listen to the Family Talk daily broadcast and have access to all of Dr. Dobson’s archived programs.  It’s America’s Family Counselor on-demand 24/7, when and where you need him!  Use the App to view video commentaries, get answers to your compelling questions with our Solid Answers tool, connect with Dr. Dobson via social media and hear from the voices of Family Talk as the staff provides weekly insights on topics that concern you!  It’s practical and inspirational family resources -absolutely FREE- and available for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. Visit your App Marketplace to download today!

Click here to download!

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