Subsplash-Behind the Scenes

Hello from the Subsplash Team!

Recently, we received a request from one of our fans for more “behind the scenes information” about our company. Now, while we can’t reveal all of the exciting magic that happens behind the closed doors of our development studio, we aren’t on super secret lock-down like Apple. You won’t find our iPads strapped to our wrists (although that would be cool). And you are always free to pop us a question via email or phone and expect a response, design@subsplash is always there to help.

But for those of you who have always wondered about the “guys from Seattle with the funny name”…here’s our attempt to “formally” introduce ourselves.

Meet the Team

We have a fabulous team of developers, designers and customer support people at Subsplash. All of us are working hard to serve our clients, iPhone users and help spread the Truth of Jesus.

We Love our Clients

We love serving clients both here in the Seattle area and throughout the United States. On occasion, we have a chance to travel down to meet some of our more distant clients face to face. From Left to Right: Matt Turner,  Tim Turner, Matt Repucci, and our buddy Rick Warren. We have truly enjoyed working with all of our clients!