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Expand the reach of your Gospel content with the Web Player

The name of the game is…. technology. As our news sources, blogs, social spheres, and work communication all become digitalized, our time spent on our phones, tablets, and desktops has increased dramatically.

As a pastor, you should know that your congregation is a part of this trend as well. With this in mind, we wanted to develop a solution to help you reach more people in the most efficient and effective way possible. That’s why we created the Subsplash Web Player, and here’s how it can make your job a whole lot easier: 

What is the Subsplash Web Player?

The Subsplash Web Player is an intuitive media player built to beautifully display your media on your website–no need to worry about designing media pages or pulling media files from different sources. Simply upload your media and custom artwork into the Subsplash Dashboard, and publish it live on your website with a single click. Spend less time worrying about publishing, and more time reaching people for the Gospel.

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What's the Benefit?

1. Save lots of time

The Subsplash Web Player allows you have your sermons available as soon as possible by uploading your content to the Subsplash Dashboard. Quickly upload, manage, and publish your media to your website.

Whether it’s your tech team, communications team, or yourself doing the maintenance, the Web Player allows anyone to easily present media online, and update regularly. Pastors who have used our Web Player have reported saving hours in media management and publishing!

2. Delight your audience

The Subsplash Web Player allows you to delight your congregation with an intuitive web experience for your media. The Web Player showcases your media with a beautifully designed layout, attracting visitors to engage with your content. By making your content easily available and attractive to engage with, your congregation has a greater opportunity to stay connected to your church messages.

3. Empower your community, increase your impact

Give your congregation the power to spread the Gospel in the online space. With built-in social sharing capabilities, our Web Player allows your audience to easily share content to their social channels. This gives them opportunity to instantly share sermons with people they think would benefit from the message.

Our heart is to provide the best solutions that combine the power of technology with the power of your message to reach more people for the Gospel. Get started with your own Subsplash Web Player today!

What's in a Cloud?

What's in a Cloud?

If there were to be a real life “easy button”, I’d nominate Amazon’s Prime service in a heartbeat. Bear with me as I sing Amazon's praises briefly.  By saving users' payment information, order history, and providing short delivery time, Amazon transforms what could be a complex shopping process into a simple click of a button - leaving users saying, “Well, that was easy." Yet even better than the service itself, is how the service makes people feel.  Amazon Prime allows users to spend the least amount of time for the largest reward, trusting that their package will be delivered efficiently and on time.