Subsplash Cloud

Introducing...Video and Audio Embeds for Websites and Blogs!

Creating multiple opportunities for your community to engage with your content is incredibly important. That's why we're thrilled to announce that the Subsplash Platform supports media embeds, providing the perfect way to showcase your content on your blog or website!

Any video or audio content can be enjoyed in our beautiful embeddable media player.

By simply copying over a short snippet of code to your website or blog, users will now be able to engage with your media content without having to leave your site. You have a ton of flexibility when you embed your media. You can enter sizing specifications to fit any container, the ability to include social sharing buttons, and even the option to share only audio or only video! 

Not only that, but you don't have to worry about losing any data. We will aggregate the play data from your media embeds and display them in your existing analytics!

By providing one more touch point between you and your community, you can engage them on a deeper level and reach even more people!

What's in a Cloud?

What's in a Cloud?

If there were to be a real life “easy button”, I’d nominate Amazon’s Prime service in a heartbeat. Bear with me as I sing Amazon's praises briefly.  By saving users' payment information, order history, and providing short delivery time, Amazon transforms what could be a complex shopping process into a simple click of a button - leaving users saying, “Well, that was easy." Yet even better than the service itself, is how the service makes people feel.  Amazon Prime allows users to spend the least amount of time for the largest reward, trusting that their package will be delivered efficiently and on time.