Feature Update

Announcing: Subsplash Giving with GrowCurve

So what is GrowCurve? We are offering an incredible new feature that allows us to provide the lowest processing rates in the industry so that you can keep more of your donations and potentially save thousands of dollars every year. You never have to negotiate again. And don't worry–we still don't charge a monthly fee.

Did you know that we built the first mobile optimized giving page for a church in 2009? After launching Subsplash Giving, we kept coming back to what matters most: fueling the mission of the Church by increasing your giving and keeping the donations where they count. We decided we’re not ok with the industry standard, we’re not here to maximize our margins and profit off of the church – being privately owned and operated by a Christian family means we can give it all back to you. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

If you want to learn more about GrowCurve and how Subsplash Giving can benefit you, get in touch with us!

Subsplash Giving: Now with Text to Give!

We are on a roll this year with 64 new features and platform improvements to date including Fill In Notes/Bulletins, Google Cast for iOS, and CHMS integrations! We have another exciting announcement to make, this time with our new giving platform... Subsplash Giving now supports text to give!


If you've never tried text giving, you are missing out! It's really simple. Once you sign up with us we will create a unique "code" for your organization. You can share this code with your community, and when they text it to a designated number they will be instantly sent a link to your giving page where they can spend less than 6 seconds donating any amount. Voilá! It really is that easy.

Have any questions about text to give or our new premier mobile giving platform? Don't hesitate to reach out to us!  

Exciting News for Google Cast Users!

When we announced support for Google Cast a few months ago, Android app users had the exciting opportunity to stream their favorite media right to their Chromecast, Android TV, speakers, and other compatible devices.

The convenience of being able to share content from the comfort of your own home was a much anticipated feature. Well, we have an exciting update to share…..We’ve added Google Cast support for iOS!

For groups with a variety of devices, this handy feature will encourage community engagement in a whole new way - allowing bible studies to share clips, community groups to share sermons, music to be played at social gatherings, and much more!

For all current clients: make sure to update your branding in the Subsplash Dashboard to see these changes go live in your app!

For everybody else, call us today to see what other exciting features are available for your own customized app!

Shiny New Update: Your Video and Audio Player

Who doesn't like new things? We certainly do, which is why we've upped the shine factor on our video and audio player. Here are a few of the improvements you're going to see to the video player: 

Your play position will now save! That's right, go ahead, answer that call or text. Your video will be waiting right where you left off, no scrubbing necessary!

Now you have direct access to sharing and Airplay controls, making social sharing and streaming on your device of choice just a few taps away.

We have a new 15-second rewind button! Interruptions happen. That's why we want to make it super simple for you to skip back if you happen to miss something. Don't miss a single word of your sermon with this cool new feature.

But that's not all! We've made some improvements to the audio player as well:

New 15-second fast forward and rewind buttons. Easily skip ahead to your favorite part of that song you love, or rewind to hear that great line again in the sermon you're listening to.

See your favorite app's artwork in an even larger view. 

Call us today to see what other exciting features are available for your own customized app! 

Feature Update: Push Notifications 2.0!

We are so excited to announce that… we’ve been really busy! What does that mean for you? We’re glad you asked. We’ve taken advantage of the sweltering summer we’ve been having in Seattle to crank away on some new updates for you in our air conditioned office. You requested and we heard, so without further ado, here are some feature updates you can expect:

Scheduled Push Notifications

Select the date and time you’d like to send a push notification and schedule it ahead of time! You will see your notifications appear in a scheduled state on the Notifications page, and at the predetermined time your notifications will be added to the queue for sending!

Notification Inbox - Coming soon!

Your users can now reference all of the notifications you send in their Notification Inbox! No need to worry about someone dismissing a notification and missing your message altogether. You can now direct your audience to visit the Notification Inbox in your app! Simply tap on the navigation menu in the top left hand corner of your app to reveal this new feature.

Push Notifications with Linking

You can now attach specific content to push notifications! That’s right, gone are the days where push notifications only launched your app, you can now direct your audience exactly where you want to lead them. Link to your latest sermon or an event sign-up page! This feature is available immediately, check it out in your Notification Dashboard.

Segmented Push Notification Groups - Coming soon!

We are actively working on the ability for you to create segmented push notification groups within the Dashboard! Not only that, but your app users can choose which groups they would like to be a part of. Want to send something to just a specific group of people? No problem. Reach who you need at any time, in the palm of their hand. This feature will be available soon, so stay tuned!


We’d love to hear from you as you experiment with and enjoy these new features. Let us know how the updates are helping you take your app to the next level in the comments below.