Company Culture

App Specialists: They're Kind of a Big Deal

When we say Subsplash apps are easy to set up and maintain, we mean it. While we are constantly working to make our Dashboard easy to navigate and improvements are being made all the time, we also know your experience setting up a Subsplash app will be a breeze because of the phenomenal support you'll receive from our App Specialist team. 

Our dedicated and friendly group of consultants are at our client's disposal for any questions.

Here are three ways they will positively impact your app experience:

1. They make your life easier with terrific tech support

One of the benefits of the Subsplash Platform is that your app gets updated automatically and bug fixes are on us. You can also enjoy feature upgrades and OS updates on the regular.

But what if you have a question about a new feature or want to integrate some new technology with an existing feature? Our app specialists have got your back! If you get stumped we provide phone and email tech support Monday through Friday, 7AM - 5PM PST.

2. They act as your personal app wizard

With dozens of clients creating a new app or updating an existing app every day, our app specialists have encountered pretty much every question in the book. They are uniquely qualified, but they aren't just problem solvers. They help you think creatively about different ways to use the platform so your app can be a success!

3. They are always eager to help and are incredibly friendly!

No matter what phase of app building or maintenance you are in, you'll always have an App Specialist at your disposal when you work with us. Part of what sets us apart as an organization is the support that we provide.

Not only that, but we love working with organizations of all sizes to share the message of the Gospel. We consider it a privilege to work with churches and ministries all over the world, and so when you call or email, there's always a friendly person on the other line, excited to talk to you!

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about setting up your app. Or, if you're a current client, make sure to take advantage of our awesome consulting services!

Who is Subsplash?

At Subsplash, we take great joy in providing software experiences that inspire and delight. However, we are not just an app company. Our core values are at the heart of who we are: Humility, Innovation, and Drive for Excellence. These values impact every decision we make as an organization, and are used to measure our success.

We want to communicate as best we can, as often as we can, what we can do to help churches and ministries share the Gospel message and connect with their community in new and creative ways. After nearly a decade of innovating in the mobile apps industry, we know what works.

Here are a few ways our core values influence our work:

1. Pushing the Boundaries

Mobile technology is always evolving. Change is the only constant in the world of technology, and we are always working to make our Platform as up-to-date and relevant as possible

We take it upon ourselves to stay current with the latest and greatest app experiences so that our clients can expect the best, and anyone who opens a Subsplash app is instantly delighted.

2. Creating Great Experiences

We realize that helping a church create an app is a way of representing their vision. We take that seriously, which is why we provide constant support along the way. Our team of talented technology experts provide ongoing support during the set-up process and maintenance of our client’s apps.

We know that empowering our clients to create beautiful and intuitive apps helps foster deeper engagement between them and their community, and we couldn’t be more excited about that!

2. Honoring God and Serving People

Sharing the Gospel, serving people, and building community is what we're all about. It drives our daily work and informs our decisions as a company. Innovation and excellence only benefit the people we work with when it is marked by humility.

We are very blessed to work with amazing ministries and churches that are using our technology to reach more people with the good news of Jesus. We love partnering with others us to make His name great.

Ready to create an app for your church or ministry? Let us know!