App Promotion

Reach Church Encourages App Adoption from the Pulpit

Whether you're a congregation of 100 or 1,000, it can be challenging to help your audience see the benefit of your church's app. We think providing regular reminders about your app is an important part of increasing adoption, which is why we're excited to share this presentation from Reach Church. Sharing the value of your app with your congregation from the pulpit is a simple, yet powerful way to help your community see the benefits of your app.


By highlighting some helpful resources available in the app, people can see the value of the app right away. Not only on Sunday morning, but throughout the rest of the week too. And to make it even more actionable, they included the name of the app and how to find it in the app store on each slide.

Reach Church helped their community see the app as a tool to stay connected to the life of the church. By including visuals of each feature, people can easily see how user-friendly and compelling the content is in their app.  

The community-building nature of their app is really compelling and this slide helps show the different ways visitors and members alike can actively be involved in serving the church and other community members. 

The brevity and clarity in this presentation sets up the community at Reach Church to easily find and download their app for great resources, serving the church and others, and staying connected! Subsplash Giving is a new addition to our suite of engagement features. Learn more about it here

We love to see churches using mobile technology to share the Gospel and encourage their congregation! That's what we're passionate about and that's what we want to help you do too! Get in touch with us to learn more about the benefits of creating a mobile app for your church.

Download the Reach Church app for more inspiration! 

Tips for Promoting Your App (Part 1)

You've already invested the time and energy trying to create an app that you hope and pray will bless your community, now it's time to make a plan for how you will roll out the big launch!

With all of the hundreds of thousands of apps out there it can be intimidating to figure out the best way to promote your app so that the right people find it and download it. We want to help! Here are four app promotion strategies that will make all of that effort totally worth it! We will review all of them here and then break down each one in a couple of different posts:

  • Generate excitement before the launch
  • Leverage the new and improved Subsplash app promotion page
  • Communicate the benefits
  • Create a promo video

Generate excitement before the launch

You can help people get excited about your app before you even launch! As you prepare to release your app and solidify which features you are going to make available to your audience, consider creating some hype on social media or your website. What if you revealed one new feature every week leading up to your launch?

By highlighting a new feature every week leading up to the release of your app, you can get your community excited about all of the benefits they will get to enjoy once they download your app. A short description and the value of that particular feature will go a long way in showing your community you are committed to providing them with a great experience in your app. You can build hype on your social media channels, your blog, or even your website!

Leverage the new and improved Subsplash app promotion page!

Our design team has been hard at work over the past few months re-designing a beautiful app promotion page just for our awesome clients! We know that our clients are spending the time building their app, and so we want to make the launch as seamless as possible with a promotion page that is the perfect compliment to their app.

A custom-built app promotion page will give users the option to download it on the spot, setting your app up for more downloads and impressions, and giving the Gospel message a wider reach with great content, straight from The Church App dashboard to people's screens.

Check out Part 2 of this series on promoting your app! And be sure to get in touch with us if you have any questions about creating an app with The Church App!