Exciting News for Google Cast Users!

When we announced support for Google Cast a few months ago, Android app users had the exciting opportunity to stream their favorite media right to their Chromecast, Android TV, speakers, and other compatible devices.

The convenience of being able to share content from the comfort of your own home was a much anticipated feature. Well, we have an exciting update to share…..We’ve added Google Cast support for iOS!

For groups with a variety of devices, this handy feature will encourage community engagement in a whole new way - allowing bible studies to share clips, community groups to share sermons, music to be played at social gatherings, and much more!

For all current clients: make sure to update your branding in the Subsplash Dashboard to see these changes go live in your app!

For everybody else, call us today to see what other exciting features are available for your own customized app!

Android Tablet on The Church App Platform


Introducing Android Tablet to the Subsplash Platform. Last year, Android tablet accounted for 61% of all tablet sales. And today, there’s a tablet in nearly 2/3rds of every US household. There are more ways to engage people today than ever before, and tablets have become a preferred avenue for experiencing media. With that in mind, we’ve thoughtfully spent the last year developing a rich and intuitive experience on Android tablet. Every detail in our apps are crafted with the end user in mind. From incredibly fast speeds, visually stunning media delivery, and a new robust sharing experience tailored to each unique user and their desired sharing outlets.


Android Tablet on the Subsplash Platform:

+ Available on a plethora of devices including: Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Samsung Note, Samsung Note, Samsung Galaxy and many more. + We wanted to build something that displayed media beautifully. Leveraging the capabilities of the Android Tablet UX, your media experience has never been better. + Video experience improvements. + Audio experience improvements. + Updated Now Playing experience. + Your large high res artwork looks brilliant within the app. + We've revamped the download experience. Managing and viewing your downloads is simple and intuitive. + Our improved sharing experience is delightful! Your audio and video content can now be shared from more places within the app than ever before, and to all of your social networks.

Available for download in the Google Play Store.


Are you ready to go mobile? With the Subsplash platform, you can now offer your own customized app on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Windows Phone, and Android Tablet. Sign up for the Subsplash Platform today.

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Which Glasses are You Wearing? (Android or iOS)

Over the last few years, the defining question has always been: Android or iPhone? As the years have gone by, and Android has pumped out some serious competitors, this question has become harder and harder to answer. I will try to address not only what makes someone identify with one brand over another, but also what each platform has to offer in terms of user experience.

Are you a hipster? Are you a techie? Are you both? There are different personas that align themselves with different brand categories. So what qualifies someone as an Android or iOS fan? There are several defining factors that make someone loyal to one platform as opposed to another. Apple and iOS really don’t need a lot of advertising. Their products speak for themselves and make brand loyalty almost effortless. Their UX is truly the best of its kind and makes navigating fairly easy - even for new adopters. Besides the bright and shiny hardware that can almost be considered a fashion accessory, the UX on iOS devices is what drags most users in. In fact, it was actually designed to be everything a user could want. For most people, this is true, but it is also the reason iOS devices are not customizable - because what more could you want? (Turns out some people do want more - cue Android applause). iOS devices are also the most spectacular way to view and use applications. From its extensive Apple App Store, to the seamless integration on all of its devices, apps are used to the best of their ability (and most beautifully) on iOS. So what kind of person prefers iOS? It’s fairly hard to classify because Apple especially has a very wide range of users. Design-centric individuals are easily some of the most tried and true iOS fans. Let’s just say if you wear thick framed glasses and own a flannel, there’s a good chance you’re an iPhone guy.

Android has a huge product offering. They range from brilliant to (unfortunately) pretty pathetic. These phones are huge for those that are firm believers in Google services. For you Google+, Gmail, and GoogleMaps lovers, the Android is incredibly valuable. Android is also much more customizable than iOS. You can bend and tweak it to fit your personal needs in a mobile device. Android could be considered the better choice for those wanting an all-in-one tool. If you’re phone doubles as a GPS, PC, camera, organizer - you may be an Android person. It’s also a common gripe that Android is more difficult to navigate than iOS, especially for first time smartphone users. All of these qualities make it hard to qualify exactly what an avid Android user is like, because of the vast differences in their products. Android not only produces the most expensive smartphones on the market, but also the most inexpensive. This factor spans users from those who require little technical abilities in a device to those who rely heavily on their computing power. The technical side of this spectrum is where you will find your most devoted Android fans. If you've ever seriously considered building your own robot, you're probably an Android guy.

Which one would you identify yourself with?

WWJD – What Would Jesus Develop? Part 1: Interview with Mark Driscoll

At Mars Hill Church, it’s all about Jesus. From blog posts to sermons, the ministry is always working to be on mission for Christ. The Church App for iPhone began a little over a year ago as a dream to serve this Seattle-based, Bible-loving, culturally savvy church we call home. In April 2009, Subsplash teamed up with their tech team to create the Mars Hill Church iPhone app. At the time, we didn’t realize that it would change the way members listen to sermons and rock out to worship music. It’s been almost a year since the release of the Mars Hill Church iPhone app, and we’ve found ourselves wondering how the Church is using this technology to spread the Gospel. In this interview—first in a three part series—we spotlight Pastor Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church’s use of this new medium.

Subsplash: Mars Hill Church was among the first to publish a church iPhone app almost a year ago. You, Pastor Mark, have been one of the most downloaded podcasts on iTunes. Considering that Mars Hill Church is at the forefront of utilizing mobile technology, in what ways has mobile tech impacted your ministry?

Pastor Mark: Without the Internet, my ministry is completely different. In God’s providence we started our church about the same time that the Internet went public, near Microsoft, and have ridden that wave ever since.

Subsplash: Some churches might want to use new technology simply because it’s cutting-edge…how do think the church has embraced technology well? How do think it has embraced technology poorly?

Pastor Mark: The key is to have biblically rooted Jesus-centered content and lots of it. It’s great to speak to a wide audience, but only if the content advances the cause of Christ. Ministries fail both in having poor content that is widely delivered, and conversely good content that is not widely delivered.

Subsplash: What is the theological reasoning behind Mars Hill Church’s use of technology to forward the Gospel?

Pastor Mark: Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9 that he became all things to all men so that by “all means” he might save as many people as possible. It’s that simple. We use whatever we can to tell as many as we can about Jesus. Technology is simply a tool or an idol depending upon whether it helps or hinders the forward progress of the gospel.

Subsplash: Do you believe all churches are candidates for cutting-edge, technological advancements like podcasting or an iPhone app? Why or why not?

Pastor Mark: Any church that believes the Bible is taught well with Jesus as the hero should attempt to do all they can to get the word out more broadly. If we love Jesus and people, we want to get his truth and love to them as cheaply, effectively, and responsibly as we can.

Thanks Pastor Mark!  We are so thankful that God blessed us with the chance to work with your ministry.