Delivering delight in 2013

Here at Subsplash, we treat each new year much like each person does, with new goals, hopes and dreams. In terms of our software, we've spent the past year or so making sure our mobile app platform is world leading as a content management system and hosting solution. Our platform has become more flexible, more powerful, and has more options than ever before.

By God's grace we've been able to make some big improvements to our software and are able to continue to focus on delivering quality products. One of our big additions over the past year was improving our world class encoding solution to make sure our videos perform flawlessly and to ensure the experience is as simple as possible for our clients. We have also added some incredible hosting solutions that ensure superb playback for media files and have redundant backups. There's quite a bit more that has been added on the backend, from more robust analytics and artwork helpers, to some seriously technical things that we won't get into now. We take pride in our work and want to ensure that our software allows each organization to have complete, "real-time" control over layout, features, artwork, content, and branding.

So, what's our focus for the next year? It's all about "delivering delight", which is one of our core concepts here at Subsplash that ties back into our days as a design consultancy working with some of the most recognizable tech companies in the world. And it's no surprise that this theme is our anthem for 2013 as we prepare to take our platform to new innovative frontiers that deliver delight to the millions of users of Subsplash apps! God has blessed us to have the opportunity to work with some incredible ministries proclaiming the name of Jesus worldwide, and it's our duty to ensure this software is a compliment to those efforts.We hope you enjoy the many things to come, both this year and beyond.

Cheers to 2013!