Our Newest Layout: Gridview


Your artwork just became center-stage. We know you put a lot of effort into crafting beautiful images, and your Van Gogh's and Picasso's are going to love this. With our new Gridview layout option, media content can now be displayed in a way that showcases customized, beautiful artwork. We’re thrilled to see the Village Church, Mars Hill, and The Father’s House already adopting this layout with their captivating sermon series images. With a world that is becoming more and more image-centric, Gridview provides a great option to captivate users with an image based design. Happy customizing!

Ask your favorite App Specialist if you're eligible for our early release of Gridview!

Updates for iOS 7


Ready to hit the refresh button on your iPhone and iPad apps? So are we!

In step with iOS 7’s simple and clutter-free interface, we’ve adopted a softer visual display that creates a smoother experience for the user.  Our apps now feature refreshed designs, an updated navigation bar, and newly designed buttons and lists.

What really captures me about this update is the relaxing and unobtrusive design. With a softer look, refined typography, and smooth navigation between tabs, the user is in for a beautiful and dynamic experience.

Keep an eye out for your update, it will be here soon!

The Church App: Now on Windows Phone!

We’ve got great news! We have added a new operating system to The Church App Platform and we are now pleased to announce that you can extend your mobile app presence to Windows Phone and the Windows Phone Store!

Windows Phone is on pace to gain a significant segment of the smartphone market within the next few years. Trailing Android and iOS, the Windows Phone platform has been picking up steam and has nearly doubled its market share in just a few months! It has been receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike. You may have seen the new Lumia 920 from Nokia as well as the HTC 8X. Both phones are stunning and demonstrate how Windows Phone presents content impressively.

Windows Phone. Seriously Awesome.

  • Vibrant: Windows Phone is vibrant, rich, and powerful. Your content will be presented in a bold new way.
  • Early advantage: Although there are already millions of users, there are relatively few apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace which means you have more of an opportunity to reach people by being one of the first to get your app published in the store.
  • Powerful and Beautiful devices:  The Nokia Lumia 920 won Engadget's Smartphone of the Year and Gizmodo's Best Smartphone Camera.