Mobile Giving Can Help Your Church This Summer!

During the summer months the landscape at your church likely changes. While people travel, host friends and family, and spend more time out in the sun instead of in the pews, churches don't generally see the same levels of attendance and tithing.

As more people continue to adopt mobile, mobile giving is also becoming a regular part of people's digital lives - in fact, mobile donations increased by 45% from 2014 to 2015. What if giving at your church increased during the summer instead of dipped? 

Mobile Giving can be a huge benefit to churches who are wanting to keep their congregation engaged during the summer, despite people's hectic summer schedules. Here are a few ways Subsplash Giving can help: 

Making Giving Simple and Automatic

When users spend a few brief minutes setting up an account with Subsplash Giving they have the option to set up a recurring gift that will automatically withdraw funds on a fixed  day every month. This allows members of your church to continue to give faithfully even if their summer schedule clashes with regular life rhythms.



Making Giving Accessible

Creating an app for your organization gives you an incredible opportunity to meet your community where they are at. Whether your users are coming to your app to hear weekly sermons or read a blog post, putting your content side by side with Subsplash Giving encourages even more engagement in your app. 

Because mobile giving makes it easy to give at anytime and from anywhere, your church doesn't have to suffer the usual summer giving woes. 

Let's chat about helping you see the benefits of mobile giving for your community!