Subsplash Serves Alongside Seattle's Union Gospel Mission

The Church App was created with a heart to serve churches, which would in turn serve communities, and ultimately would serve cities all over the world. At Subsplash we believe that we have been given much, and so we have a responsibility to give of our time, talent, and resources. With that in mind, we recently took advantage of an opportunity to partner with Seattle's Union Gospel Mission to serve women and children who live in transitional housing. 

Our team was hard at work for a full day digging up roots and weeds, painting railings, and even removing a huge stump!

It was nice to get out of the office and get our hands dirty for a change, but the real gift was allowing the residents in this home to feel cared for and cherished by making their living space more beautiful. 

We are excited to more fully live out one of our core values, humility, by seeking more opportunities to love and serve our city!