Are you Maximizing the Potential of your App? (Part 2)

After reviewing some ways that you can engage with your community during Sunday services, it’s time to look at how you can keep your congregation connected to your church and each other throughout the week.

1. Push Notifications


Quickly becoming one of our clients’ most useful features, push notifications is an incredibly effective way to communicate with your community at any point in time. Just create your notification and schedule it for the optimal time to reach your audience.

You can instantly get your messages to your congregation by sending event reminders, updating your congregation about meeting times and locations, and more.

2. Bible Reading Plan


Lead your community through the Bible each week with a Bible Reading Plan feature. Whether you’re wanting to guide your congregation through the whole Bible, or wanting to focus in on a specific book, this feature can be a supremely helpful tool to keep your community rooted in the scriptures during the week.

3. Prayer Wall

Creating a Prayer Wall for your app will help foster community and encourage your congregation throughout the week. The customizable nature of this feature allows you to address the needs of your church, even when circumstances don’t allow for face-to-face interactions.

4. Media: Sermons, Podcasts, and Music

Showcasing your media in your app is one of the best ways to communicate your vision and mission in a clear and creative way. Is there any type of media that you haven’t been sharing with your community yet?


Whether it’s weekly sermons, podcasts, recordings of other events, or music, including your media content in your app will take your audience engagement to a new level.


What are some of the ways you’ve refreshed your app lately? Let us know about it in the comments below! For more tips on maximizing the potential of your app, check out part 1 in this series.