Stories from the Church: Metro Life Church


Here at Subsplash, our heart is to share the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We do this through providing high-quality, customizable mobile apps for churches and ministries. It is through these partnerships with Jesus-loving churches that we see the real fruits of our labor. The Lord has been so faithful in guiding our business. Sometimes it’s easy for us to keep our heads down, working on the next feature or iteration, only to be brought to our knees by a story that can only be explained by the Glory of God. It was through a conversation with a small church in Louisiana that we found such a story.Metro Life Church in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a church plant that has been around for 5 short years. I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with Pastor Caleb Moran about the impact they are seeing through the use of technology. Metro Life has been a client of Subsplash for two years. In the span of those two years, “the exposure has been incredible for our ministry” said Pastor Caleb. With a congregation of 300 members, the Metro Life app has been downloaded nearly 1,500 times and has seen over 55,000 page views. “As a pastor I am able to continually feed my sheep. We’ve seen testimonies from people as far as London and overseas."The Metro Life app has been well received by the congregation at Metro Life, often using the app as a tool for evangelism. “We had an especially encouraging story” said Pastor Caleb, “a member of our church had a friend whose marriage was going through everything under the sun. He and his wife were separated at the time, and far from relationship with the Lord, when this friend recommended he download the Metro Life app. We had just done a sermon series that he listened to all the way through via the app. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, he visited the church, reconciled with his wife, they were both saved, and are now members of our church. We’ve seen the fruit!”

We are absolutely blown away by this story, and feel so blessed that Subsplash is able to be such a small part of the Lord’s redeeming work in this broken world. If one person can experience the Truth of Jesus through the apps we help create, we think that's worth it. The Good News is that Jesus is alive and working to redeem people all over the world and there are many more stories just like this! Working with churches and ministries to spread that Good News is an absolute privilege and brings us so much joy.

If you have a story that you want to share, please contact us and let us know. We would love to hear from you!

To learn more about Metro Life Church, download their app here, or check them out on Twitter and Facebook!