Client Spotlight: ARC Churches

Last month, the Association of Related Churches (ARC) launched an app with Subsplash on the eve of their biggest conference of the year. ARC, an association of over 400 churches, provides resources and support to church planters and other church leaders. "Our primary goal for the app is to make it easier than ever for our church planters to stay connected to the ARC community," says Guy Walker, ARC Marketing and Development Coordinator.

During the conference the app proved invaluable: "The new ARC Churches app was the perfect tool for our church planters at the All Access Conference," explains Walker. "They were able to view the conference schedule and detailed information about speakers throughout the whole event."

Because the Subsplash App Platform gives clients real-time control over their app, Guy and his colleagues were able to communicate last-minute schedule and event changes to attendees using the app. "At one point a speaker told everyone they could find her speaking notes in the app. This was a few seconds after we added them!" says Walker.  "The ability to update on the fly has been amazing!"

We're very excited to be partnering with ARC and many other great ministries. If you're interested in planting a church, check out ARC's free online training for pastors: "The 8 Keys to Effective Church Planting".

For more information about developing an app with Subsplash, contact us!

Download the ARC Churches app here.