Your Move with Andy Stanley: Now on iPhone, iPad, and Android!

Andy Stanley has quickly become one of the most sought after Christian speakers and preachers in America. Son of famous pastor Dr. Charles F. Stanley, Andy started North Point Community Church in 1995, which is now the second largest church in the US and provides teaching and influence to its congregations locally and more than 30 partner churches.*

With a growing demand and audience, it’s no surprise that Andy Stanley and the Your Move team have launched a new app providing relevant, helpful, and engaging content to help their audience make better decisions and live with fewer regrets. The core of the Your Move with Andy Stanley app is a 30 minute TV episode which airs locally after Saturday Night Live on seven NBC stations across the U.S., as well as via satellite on GMC and Daystar. From the app, which is now available on iPhone, Android and iPad, you can view streaming video content, subscribe to the Your Move with Andy Stanley podcast and newsletter, access TV and radio listings, sign up to receive free chapters of Andy's books or songs from North Point artists, and easily get connected with the ministry or partner churches.

Download here:

We spoke with Jeff Earnhardt from Your Move and asked him a few questions about the app:

Q: What was your heart behind creating the app?

A: "We have always placed a high value on meeting people where they are with Andy’s content. So our goal was to introduce our messages where our audience was already spending their media time: on TV, podcasts, video streams, and now apps."

Q: What purpose do you intend for this app to serve?

A: "We hope the app will serve two main purposes. First, our research indicates that close to 40 percent of Andy's messages are being viewed by iOS devices, so creating an app for those who have been introduced to Your Move is the next logical step. Second, the idea of personal choice and action are implied in our name, “Your” and “Move.” The next steps people take with us will vary based on where they are in their personal faith journeys. We believe the app is a great tool to help our audience connect with us when they are ready."

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